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LB log - 20120817

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It looks like I'll have to do some major date shifting in the draft content once I get everything organized and synchronized with what I originally had up with the website and work that I did a decade ago. Speaking of which - the site is still down thanks to miscommunication by the hosting company, and a payment which was made after we came to realize that the site was unavailable is still "in process" as it has been for a few days now, which tells us nothing helpful. Hopefully we can get this issue resolved before the hosting company has completely deleted the content which was on their host.




AA-N-8814 10:02:44

When Brian Forenze approached the door way, it opened before him as he reached out to the door handle. A large man dressed in an impeccably clean business suit held the door open for him from the inside. He nodded once. Brian looked away as he entered, and the man holding the door open closed it after he entered and remained in the doorway. The only direction in which he could go was to the immediate right, and upon turning the corner he looked over to the main living room of the house and saw four other men standing there. All five in the room stood silent, the other four of which stood surrounding a simple wooden table with no chairs. There were four small boxes arranged on the table. Against the left wall stood Phillip Torro, to Phillip's left was Xavier Stillman, to Xavier's left was Albert Courin, and standing to Albert's left against the right wall was Judge Nicholas Carrel. This was the first time these five men were ever in the same room together, and Brian assumed that nobody knew each other, neither by name or face.
"Good, you're on time. Glad to see you.", said the man at the right wall, who then continued speaking promptly. "We have no time to waste, gentlemen. I am Judge Nicholas Carrel. The only person here who may recognize me is you," he said while nodding to Xavier, who quickly shook his head to say "no" in response. "Right, I recall you mostly staring off in your trial. Even better. Regardless. The language I will use here will be very vague, and you will soon understand it is to all of our benefits. The reason that you are all gathered here is the reason why you were all given leave on your incarceration - because we have a job for you all to do, and you were chosen as the best men to do the job. Recall that this is your chance to redeem yourself, as well - you found yourself where you were because you fucked up. Consider this your Last Chance. You may not get another. Particularly since I - we - can put you right back in a blink. Never forget it. Now. The way this was done before was through a protocol of code names. It may seem stupid, but it does the job. We have chosen how you will adopt them for yourselves and your future comrades of your choosing. Your particular identities will be assigned now." Judge Carrel then slid one box to each of the other four men. "Each box has poker cards in them. Only of one particular suit, and only of two through ten. You will now choose one from the box at random."
Albert was given the hearts box, and drew a nine.
Phillip was given the clubs box, and drew a four.
Brian was given the spades box, and drew a seven.
Xavier was given the diamonds box, and drew a two.
The Judge spoke again.
"Nine of Hearts. Four of Clubs. Seven of Spades. Two of Diamonds. Remember these names, everyone. The suit assignments weren't random, if you were wondering. You can figure out the rest. Report to my office at the courthouse at 8AM. Hearts on Monday, Clubs Tuesday, Spades Wednesday, Diamonds Thursday."

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
mr t take me higher @	67.17 A		1189.P	430.329.104.5.24	0123	0885			2012-08-17T23:21:53:608Z

innocent infant @	38.60 D		1829.F	598.633.676.140.589	0124	2369			2012-08-17T23:25:50:831Z

tizona del cid @	66.00 B		1534.P	575.384.177.7.40	0147	1162			2012-08-17T23:28:45:129Z

come with me @		63.58 B		1161.F	433.	0122	0913			2012-08-17T23:32:22:290Z

dont let it go @	61.97 B		1056.F	389.	0096	0852			2012-08-17T23:34:48:807Z

yellow sunrise @	55.83 B		1780.F	660.460.325.52.234	0241	1594			2012-08-17T23:37:43:865Z

perfect world @		76.68 A		1227.P	497.		0127	0800			2012-08-17T23:40:49:640Z

サヨナラ・ヘヴン @		60.94 B		1615.F	600.415.204.28.151	0135	1325	0957	038.45	2012-08-17T23:44:08:936Z
			01.47+		0039+	31+17-10-0+24+		0013+				2012-06-16T00:38:31:760Z

make your move @	77.49 A		0809.P	318.		0320	0522			2012-08-17T23:47:48:719Z

genocide @		33.88 D		1226.F	397.432.576.88.549	0038	1809			2012-08-17T23:52:39:648Z

V2 @			58.98 B		2213.F	813.587.300.43.272	0155	1876	1686	011.26	2012-08-17T23:55:54:751Z
			01.34+		0050+	34+18-0+7-4-		0041+				2012-07-08T01:14:09:072Z

wanna tell that word @	63.51 B		1607.F	603.401.171.17.121	0121	1265	1066	018.66	2012-08-18T00:00:56:728Z
			02.01+		0051+	18+15+16-10-30-		0007-				2012-05-14T00:28:49:387Z

solid state squad @	49.92 C		2109.F	749.611.457.108.409	0105	2112			2012-08-18T00:05:37:336Z

beat machine @		78.08 AA	0887.P	363.		0427	0568	0568	0	2012-08-18T00:14:45:673Z
			01.20+		0012+	23+34-10+0+2-		0124-				2012-03-20T03:35:04:840Z

festa do sol @		65.81 B		1136.F	426.	0204	0863			2012-08-18T00:20:36:976Z

ライオン好き @		77.04 A		1128.P	452.		0169	0732			2012-08-18T00:26:46:696Z
Sure seems like Come With Me is chosen pretty frequently, doesn't it? Another failure with it, too. The middle will wreck the whole play if you can't get out of it with like 20% or so, and the amount of bad scratch chord potential is great enough that doing so isn't assured. Point proven here. At least I only had one song come early on which is a 3000 note clusterfuck and with it out of the way I played most of the songs fairly well. Surprised to do so bad with SSS, and I could hear how badly I was hitting it at the end. I guess I had some bad chords? Oh well.

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