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LB log - 20120818

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A site which I dive into every couple of months or longer, whenever I happen to remember it, is Omegle. It's pretty interesting to me what can be encountered within it. I've spent much more time with it today than I should have, but the latest feature of being thrown into a debate makes for a nice way to get a discussion going without the awkward ten minutes of tentative questions to establish how much the other speaker is willing to reveal for an identity.

Quick Draft.


18961127 07:36:58

Carbondale opened the door to her bedroom and saw her sitting upright on the chair set before her dresser and mirror. She looked directly upon him as he entered the room, and remained precisely still as he approached her.
"Your mother can make you some toast. You should have something before the service."
"No, thank you."
The only part of her body which she allowed to move was her eyelids as she blinked. He found himself looking around the room at random spots while searching for what to say next - though it had been some time since he was fully within her room, he didn't quite recall it being so disheveled and brown. He recalled there being more floral decorations in here before, but couldn't recall specifically when now. The lack of organization also intrigued him - it wasn't like her to have so many books removed from proper placement in shelves and in haphazard piles on the floor.
"Well, your mother would like to see you before we leave, and we both would appreciate to see you join us and be around us. It would mean a lot to us both."
"I'd rather not, though."
"OK. By the way, you may like to know that my collection efforts have been great, and I have close to fifty thousand set to donate to the hospital. I think-" He stopped speaking when he noticed her eyes begin to well up.
"What good is it, Dad? Why bother? What difference will it make?"
He nodded and rolled his tongue around in his mouth while choosing his words.
"The difference is that we learn from her passing. The difference is that we start to find a way to keep people from thinking that way. That seems like a good thing to me. Isn't it?"
"Maybe a good thing for you." Her response was barely above a whisper and stated with her head turned away to the side "Make you feel good about yourself."
"Grace. Look. It's one thing for me to just pat you on the back and tell you everything will be fine and walk away. I don't need to do anything else. Don't even have to do that. And I could just take that money anywhere else and not give that place a dime. What I'm doing is to show how I can make things better for people like her in the future. That's something you should be proud of. To know that in response to this crisis, I do something to help all of us - not just you or this family, but everyone living here. All of us. This is what I can do for all of us."
She smiled weakly in response.
"You're right." He caressed her cheek gently with his fingertips.
"That's better. You should come down for some toast." He turned away from her and left the room. She remained seated.
"You're too late." Grace said this no louder than a whisper to the empty room.

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
一途な恋 @		68.81 A		1134.P	443.	0251	0824			2012-08-19T01:12:34:443Z

わらべじゃんぷ @		43.06 D		1818.F	612.594.555.87.413	0043	2111			2012-08-19T01:15:55:996Z

checking you out @	60.88 B		0856.P	301.	0142	0703			2012-08-19T01:18:30:164Z

why so serious @	42.72 D		2425.F	866.693.788.140.642	0087	2838			2012-08-19T01:22:36:660Z

infinite prayer ffs @	68.00 A		0744.P		0177	0547	0547	0	2012-08-19T01:25:31:748Z
			05.75+		0052+	19+14+20-3-18-		0084+				2012-04-30T00:48:10:497Z

oratio @		42.32 D		1659.F	603.453.498.153.595	0071	1960	1406	039.40	2012-08-19T01:30:33:011Z
			00.34+		0013+	8+3-27+12-21-		0034-				2012-04-15T01:26:46:874Z

icecube pf @		70.71 A		1270.P	483.304.93.2.23		0205	0898	0886	001.35	2012-08-19T01:35:38:252Z
			01.56+		0028+	23+18-17-0+15+		0103-				2012-04-30T00:38:44:899Z

end of the century @	78.94 AA	1151.P	462.		0284	0729			2012-08-19T01:38:41:291Z

romancecar @		42.00 D		1640.F	522.596.491.99.465	0081	1952	1006	094.03	2012-08-19T01:42:05:891Z
			01.33+		0052+	31-114+47-85-81-	0025-				2012-05-28T00:49:38:955Z

flora @			61.10 B		1596.F	585.426.184.27.154	0156	1306	0836	056.22	2012-08-19T01:47:09:872Z
			03.10+		0081+	33+15+15-9-30-		0035+				2012-06-02T00:10:47:998Z

inazuma @		42.64 D		1581.F	535.511.613.170.655	0055	2170	1554	039.63	2012-08-19T01:51:07:803Z
			06.66+		0005+	0-5+66+23-58-		0083-				2012-04-05T01:01:35:046Z

radius @		48.65 C		1732.F	611.510.369.108.403	0137	1780	0986	080.52	2012-08-19T01:55:08:484Z
			02.08+		0074+	34+6+31-0+13+		0102-				2012-06-17T00:11:25:663Z

5AM @			46.61 C		1775.F	612.551.425.95.463	0124	1904	0770	147.27	2012-08-19T01:58:52:123Z
			04.34+		0165+	71+23+51-22-72-		0016+				2012-05-20T01:00:01:583Z

les filles balancent @	73.85 A		1294.P	506.		0134	0876			2012-08-19T02:03:35:579Z

photongenic @		49.08 C		1774.F	624.526.437.74.406	0163	1807			2012-08-19T02:07:00:571Z

throng @		42.98 D		1441.F	515.411.318.99.518	0032	1676	0821	104.14	2012-08-19T02:09:51:579Z
			00.89+		0030+	19+8-28-1+19-		0020-				2012-05-25T00:21:38:140Z

click again @		49.08 C		1777.F	654.469.373.98.459	0065	1810	1039	074.20	2012-08-19T02:15:09:443Z
			01.16+		0025+	32+39-17+0+9+		0002-				2012-04-03T00:50:53:528Z

zodiac @		43.38 D		1851.F	664.523.473.160.575	0103	2133	1424	049.78	2012-08-19T02:19:20:499Z
			00.42+		0018+	72+126-45-27+60+	0022-				2012-05-17T01:09:26:867Z
Pretty good day today, even if most of the increases weren't gigantic - they were still gains all the same. I think particularly in parts of Radius and Inazuma, I encountered phrases which were still very rough and tanked me but weren't subject to as much mashing as I recall from any prior play. Rather cute to have Throng and Click Again appear back to back. Many songs played today which I haven't heard in a while. And I couldn't resist replaying Les Filles Balancent.

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