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LB log - 20120820

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Got caught in some rain at work today. Thankfully I was on lunch for most of it, but that wasn't enough for me to stay dry, and I got doused pretty well within the hour of return. Two layers of socks will retain water pretty well, particularly when the shoes beneath them have holes in them which almost invite water to seep in. Despite that, there were enough people around to make the job not so completely loathsome as it is without them.

Quick Draft.

18550519 22:18:06

"Were you scared?", she asked.
Cook contemplated for a moment before responding.
"No, not scared. Not like, shivering and babbling and crying out like 'oh what in the world are we gonna do' scared. I was just more or less just like shocked, yknow? I had no idea why anything was happening but when you see the house you was in burning and the barn burning next to it and watching it from a hundred steps away because you can't get no closer without the heat choking you, you see all that. That's the end of the world, basically, right there. I'm asleep and next thing I'm running to the woods and turning around to see that. And just watch. No way to stop it. We were just dazed. Yeah, that's it. Dazed. Dulled and awestruck. But once we could start diggin things out, we had some luck on it right off."
"Mhm." Elise curled into Cook's body, nuzzling the bridge of her nose against his arm.
"We found Randy, then once we could get back to the place, we found the chest there. They just there to burn the place, they didn't steal nothin. And that chest was just in the right place or somethin because it was still there and the coin still inside. Then he go for three days to get the stores, and then - then, yeah, I got scared yeah. All I could do was lay down some dead branches by a tree, make a fort like thing, and find a place to lay down and store some berries or whatever I could find. Randy had some of the hay left behind, and I started chewin on that some days too, I was so hungry and there was just barely nothin to find. And it was just that clearing in the woods that whole time, just me in there. Me bein a child and alone there, yeah I was jumpin and spooked by damned everything I heard."

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
second heaven @		57.42 B		1555.F	584.387.204.57.219	0175	1354			2012-08-21T00:31:08:074Z

superstring theory @	35.78 D		2746.F	899.948.1008.212.745	0094	3460			2012-08-21T00:36:16:953Z

past glow @		41.63 D		2484.F	857.770.700.208.886	0127	2983	1805	065.26	2012-08-21T00:40:08:265Z
			03.70+		0221+	118+15-23-9-104-	0023-				2012-06-15T01:28:32:188Z

the detonator @		50.11 C		2092.F	766.560.448.93.464	0087	2087			2012-08-21T00:45:29:425Z

alien temple @		69.15 A		1574.F	596.382.128.7.53	0159	1138			2012-08-21T00:50:15:801Z

harmony @		70.10 A		1325.P	501.323.94.7.51		0179	0945			2012-08-21T01:01:16:993Z

advance @		70.72 A		1273.P	489.		0176	0900			2012-08-21T01:01:51:769Z

ちょっときいてな @		73.02 A		0498.P		0075	0341	0341	0	2012-08-21T01:11:32:393Z

diavolo @		39.71 D		1688.F	582.524.518.190.733	0110	2125			2012-08-21T01:15:08:433Z

daisuke @		70.11 A		1694.P	648.398.134.6.47	0233	1208			2012-08-21T01:18:05:737Z

genom screams @		63.10 B		0679.P		0243	0538	0538	0	2012-08-21T01:23:56:105Z

paranoia max @		75.55 A		0878.P	355.		0222	0581	0581	0	2012-08-21T01:29:18:505Z

クルクル☆ラブ @		62.10 B		1862.F	656.550.183.35.167	0265	1499			2012-08-21T01:37:06:865Z

水上の提督 @		58.24 B		1491.F	534.423.240.19.120	0092	1280	1280	0	2012-08-21T01:40:36:249Z
			00.32+		0008+	1+6+2-2+9-		0009-				2012-06-27T00:34:30:518Z
Not much more to say beyond things being mostly decent today. Session felt like there were a lot of sold songs, at least when stuff like Paranoia Max and Genom Screams comes up back to back. Another fail with Alien Temple. Trash.

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