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Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)

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Hey you guys, what is up? Do you remember when Nintendo made Super Mario Bros., and it was actually kind of hard? That last Hammer Brother in Bowser's for reals castle

Remember when they made a sequel? SMB had been so popular and so many people had played it so much that they just went balls out and made the hardest Mario game of all time, SMB2. The game was so hard that Japanese kids killed themselves over it, but that is really nothing new for Japanese kids. They knew that shit would not fly in the states, so Nintendo of America hacked a completely different game to give us the Pussy Mario Bros. 2 instead. We didn't get to play the real SMB2 until the Mario collection on the SNES because Japan thought we were all a bunch of Matt Helgesons.

This brings me to Super Mario Galaxy 2. The game is based off Mario Galaxy so hard that it could've easily been an expansion, just like SMB2 back in the day. I was fully expecting Nintendo to pull a total SMB2 on this one and it makes me really sad that they did not; the game is instead easier than its predecessor. The only parts that provide any challenge at all are the extra levels in World S. I spent the last game learning the necessary skills, the sequel does not need to pull so many punches and slowly drip out the difficulty. Grow some balls.

Things That Make This Game Awesome:

- Awesome and most triumphant return of Yoshi.
- Incredibly good controls.
- Awesome variety of environments and gameplay mechanics.
- Smaller, narrowly-focused levels that are over almost too quickly. It's good because it's more fun and ADD but bad because it feels like it's over and on to the (ugh) Green Stars so quickly =[

Things That Make This Game Suck Sweaty Italian Balls:

- Going through a level you've already played three times to find the barely concealed and incredibly boring Green Stars. There were like two that were fun to find, the other 119 of them were seriously just sitting there. What a waste of my time.
- Having to grind Star Bits to feed 9999 of them to the Banktoad for the last comet. Pricks.
- I didn't like going from the hub area of the first game to the SMB3-style world map. Isn't that a regression in game immersion?
- Someone needs to teach Mario to stop, drop, and roll. I am speaking from experience when I say that, while on fire, running around with your hands on your ass like a faggot is not nearly as efficient.

Quote From Some Dude in the Game Informer Review That I Have Trouble Believing Is Even Real:

- "Miyamoto promised that this game would be more "challenging," and he wasn't lying. It's definitely harder than the first. In the early stages, this is a plus; Galaxy 2 gets you into serious platforming much earlier in the game. It's nice to feel that you aren't waiting five or six hours to get to the good stuff. As the game wore on, however, I felt more frustrated than challenged. I frequently hit choke points where I needed one more star to advance, but the only available stars were either annoying Prankster Comet challenges or time-consuming hidden stars. If I've completed all the main missions available to me, I just want to advance. At one point, I literally spent four hours of play without collecting one star. While I like a good challenge, this game has a lot of amazing content, and I suspect many won't be able to get through it all." - Matt Helgeson
- Holy shit, how can that be real?
- I figure if you write for a video game magazine you maybe have just the tiniest, sub-atomic modicum of skill required to play a Mario game, but maybe not!

I think everyone should play this game.

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Updated 23 Jun 2010 at 11:33 AM by Nick

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  1. epmode's Avatar
    Have you seen Miyamoto play videogames? That quote is totally true.

    And yeah, fuck the green stars. There's no way I'm going for 240. 241. Whatever.

    edit: WAIT THAT WASN'T A MIYAMOTO QUOTE. Fire that guy.
    Updated 23 Jun 2010 at 09:37 AM by epmode
  2. GohanX's Avatar
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who fears that last Hammer Bro in SMB1. That shit scarred me when I was a kid. Bowser's a pussy but that last Hammer Brother... fuck him.
  3. Finch's Avatar
    Mzo, i love your blog posts forever.
  4. Bacon McShig's Avatar
    - I didn't like going from the hub area of the first game to the SMB3-style world map. Isn't that a regression in game immersion?
    No, it's a regression in game tedium.

    Selecting a level should involve selecting a level, being forced to flop around a hub world to get from stage to stage is one of the most retarded things a game can do.
  5. Geen's Avatar
    I really dug collecting the green stars. Course, as you stated while we worked at EB, I probably also like vaseline on toast, so there you go.

    That quote from Game Informer is unbelievable, though. I do think there were some spots in the game that were tricky, but nothing a few playthroughs wouldn't solve. I think the longest I was stuck on a star was, maybe, 30 minutes? And those were usually ones were you had to do it exactly right (like collecting the purple coins on the slide) rather than the majority that were pretty safe.

    Also, I hated the map system, too, but considering the increased number of worlds over the first Mario Galaxy, a hub world would have been a complete mess. If anything, keep the map but get rid of the concept of running around the Mario spaceship. But, I'm just nitpicking at this point.
    Updated 13 Jul 2010 at 11:30 PM by Geen


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