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LB log - 20120901

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Four months to go.

Another rainy day at work. Another Saturday where I start out alone for several hours. Another Saturday where I spend a majority of the day pushing carts by hand. Ten minutes before the day's done I get a call from my mom telling me that I'm going to get a trailer of rocks dropped off in short time. There are a few patches of green on my property which could stand to be covered in rock instead so that I don't have to worry about the growth. This is a project which was discussed several months ago with little further implication - until today, for no specific reason or explanation. So I come home, change out of my waterlogged clothes, eat dinner, then have to spend another hour shoveling rocks from a trailer in a patch of even more rain, then spend another thirty minutes of top of that just to get the trailer unhitched and subsequently rehitched to my Dad's truck so that they can bring it in and take it back without having to back it anywhere. So that's several hours of my day wasted, several hours of my wife's day wasted, and at the conclusion of these events I'm told that they're going to have more coming in Monday. So that's two of the four days that I work where I'll have to do additional grunt work because this is when they decided it should occur.

It's already 11PM and I have no motivation to do anything other than piss time away on games. Whine.

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
speedy cat @		53.32 C		1220.F	441.338.258.43.151	0086	1144			2012-09-02T02:00:18:112Z

ワルツ第17番 @		31.29 E		1734.F	563.608.811.227.1054	0076	2770			2012-09-02T02:04:46:437Z

right now @		77.77 AA	0854.P	349.		0204	0549	0549	0	2012-09-02T02:07:58:121Z
			05.05+		0048+	40+32-16-1-2+		0045-				2012-03-21T03:35:47:263Z

vault of heaven @	60.77 B		1421.F	521.379.179.21.129	0186	1169			2012-09-02T03:03:34:348Z

patriotism @		53.54 C		1269.F	443.383.281.15.105	0153	1185			2012-09-02T03:09:53:648Z

estella @		63.51 B		1015.F	353.309.132.0.15	0420	0799			2012-09-02T03:12:31:053Z

mermaid girl @		58.07 B		1921.F	729.463.273.73.245	0233	1654			2012-09-02T03:15:54:687Z

star field @		71.14 A		1447.F	563.321.107.10.37	0274	1017			2012-09-02T03:20:01:856Z

hybrid landscape @	69.84 A		1172.P	455.	0112	0839			2012-09-02T03:24:13:471Z

stay my side @		68.03 A		1207.F	480.	0117	0887			2012-09-02T03:28:15:967Z

ting ting @		32.67 E		1552.F	528.496.704.271.839	0076	2375			2012-09-02T03:31:18:456Z

罠 @			65.76 B		1589.F	607.375.161.11.105	0103	1208			2012-09-02T03:46:55:505Z
Out of time. Continued lackluster performance.

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