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part three

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We wake up late Sunday and check out of the hotel. We pick up Sierra and take her to lunch. She and Robby are consumed with sketching in his journal. It is evident they are very much brother and sister. She shows exciting promise as and artist and he gives her tips about drawing facial features. Sierra has grown up to be a beautifully atypical teenager. Despite the fact that she was trapped in a house with her barely sane mother and a pedophile and for the past ten years, she is emotionally mature and enthusiastically playful. We poke around Grand Junction for a bit then head to the hospital. Donna is awake again. She gestures and nods as we talk. Sierra shows her pictures from the prom the night before (where she looked like an absolute bombshell) and Donna tears up. Robby introduces me and she nods more. It’s about three when she falls asleep again. We decide to go to her house to see the state of things and pick out a few keepsakes for Sierra.

Visiting the house was the event that transformed the idea of Billy in our minds from a mean-spirited pervert to a repulsively evil, soulless monster. He had already broken the lock on the door so it opened with a shove. The couches and coffee table were stolen, and in their place was a twin sized mattress and a few blankets. Everything had been torn apart and strewn everywhere. Clothes, blankets, papers and all kinds of junk littered the floors. The dining table was broken and piled high with more junk. The kitchen was nauseatingly dirty. Dishes, old food, spilled coffee, and pill bottles littered the counter to the point you couldn’t see the color of the tile underneath. The bedrooms were even worse. Sierra’s mattress was on the floor, her clothing thrown around, and her desk broken. Donna’s jewelry had been ransacked for anything remotely valueable. Pictures were broken and thrown around. There was, of course, almost nothing valuable left. We were lucky enough to find an old tax return of Billy’s which gave us his social security number to give to police. Sierra is in hysterical tears at this point, not just at the state of the house, but because she has found her pet cat emaciated and terrified. Robby is frighteningly silent. He is trying to save face for Sierra’s sake, but his anger has no way out. Finally he finds a lovely clock of Billy’s and smashes it against a wall.

Grand Junction police are too busy to come see the destruction of the house. Barbara and one of her daughters come to help clean and gather what we could. We salvaged a few of Donna’s porcelain Native American dolls and Sierra remembered where some jewelry had been hidden. Robby walked with Sierra to Joanne’s house, as she had been taking care of Donna’s finances and important documents for a few months. He decided to surprise her then and there because we have suspicions about Joanne’s honesty and her relationship with Billy. The poor cat is hiding again in the garage, I am fearful that Billy will show up at the house, and it has gotten dark. We take Sierra to her group home for the night and withdraw to the safe harbor that is Jodie’s house.

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  1. dog$'s Avatar
    She shows exciting promise as and artist
    Despite the fact that she was trapped in a house with her barely sane mother and a pedophile and for the past ten years,
    Be careful.

    Also - Nick is going to skin your hide for not marking a category for this.


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