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Minibosses in Long Beach - July 5th @ 9pm

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I was about to make a thread for this but since it's only newsworthy to a smaller TNL set, maybe this will do. The Minibosses, a pretty good 8-bit/NES coverband is playing at Alex's Bar in Long Beach at 9pm on July 5th. It's like $8 cover at the door and the place is...intimate, so expect it to fill relatively quick. Although a pretty nice venue for local bands, how Minibosses heard of it, or how Alex's heard of them is downright weird.

Maybe it has to do with the bar being a location for that show True Blood. True story - friend of mine showed me an episode where they're supposed to be at some night/strip club, but it's just Alex's Bar. Crazy!

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  1. Calliander's Avatar
    Because Alex's Bar is the shit. Pretty sure I'm gonna go since I can walk there.
  2. Changeling's Avatar
    That's pretty awesome ! I was just listening to them yesterday. Rygar's final castle is the shit !
  3. Thief Silver's Avatar
    That's awesome, I wish I could make it to something like that. Also I'd Kill for an M-Flo US Tour.


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