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Jet Set Radio is ten years old

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Just a friendly reminder from the "You Will Die Soon" department.

If the Search index wasn't dead I'd see about finding a thread about the game. I would think there would be one here at some point.

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  1. Korly's Avatar
    Goddamn that game was awesome. I loved the fact that it let you use the dreamcast webbrowser to download jpegs and then use said jpeg as a tag. Being the dork I am, I had my dudes spray painting the nWo logo all over that city. Good times.
  2. Razor Ramon's Avatar
    I've only played the demo of this game. I never played the whole thing. I never got its fanaticism.
  3. Changeling's Avatar
    Great game, but I liked Future a lil bit more. I think its more for the soundtrack than anything else.
  4. kingoffighters's Avatar
  5. Bacon McShig's Avatar
    I can appreciate the general slagging of Future for eliminating the first game's sense of tension, but JSR's levels feel like small sandboxes of molasses after JSRF's speed and scale. It's really a shame Sega didn't do another that married both those games' best aspects.
  6. Geen's Avatar
    It feels like it's been ten years, if not more, since Jet Set Radio came out. I respect the game for it's breakthrough art style and presentation, but never really cared a ton for it's gameplay, no matter how much I tried to get into it.
    Also, Future introduced Mzo and me to Cibo Matto, which makes it worth the price of admission right there.
  7. Satsuki's Avatar
    ahh....yes...JSR. My tie for absolutely favorite amazing game of all time. JSRF was really good as well - and honestly the music and environments were a little better too. However, the original JSR was one of the most consistently entertaining things I've ever played, and it had the better dressed Cube. Man, I wish I still owned a DC, I'd pop that in right this second. damn.
  8. Curtis's Avatar
    Wow. You guys who don't get why this game was great but buy every Man With Gun game frighten and confuse me.

    At any rate, I'm with Bacon. Both game definitely had their high points and the concept was evolving. Leave it to Sega to kill it and pump out Sonic whateverthehellthey'remakingnow 8. Future introduced me to Cibo Matto as well, though I was really sad when I found out I'd been mishearing the song for years and it was "SHUT UP AND EAT!" I'd always heard "SHUT UP AND LEARN TO READ!" which would easily be the best thing ever. Japs are good at making four syllables sound like six.
  9. Grave's Avatar
    Glad to hear people not shitting on Future. I always liked it better because the gameplay basically flowed how I wished the first one's did.
  10. Changeling's Avatar
    I never got people poo-pooing JSRF. They're both good games and JSRF seemed like logical progression the series should make. We got half Tony Hawk half JSR with amazing graphics and godly soundtrack.

    Fuck Sega for letting this series die while milking trash like Sonic to death.
  11. GohanX's Avatar
    I've still got Jet Grind Radio in the shrinkwrap, that I bought from a store clearing out DC inventory after it died. Hooray for 10+ year old piles of shame.


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