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Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

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Finished this a couple days ago, all achievements. All of the achievements in this game are single player, which is nice. The online in this game is just the Halo Reach MP stuck on the disc.

Started this end of last year when Mzo was staying with me. He loves the first Halo game, which I blamed on nostalgia, so when we played through this (split screen coop) we argued about it a lot and I of course needed to play devil's advocate.

In the end, its a good game. We beat it on normal coop, and I halfheartedly started going for all the achievements before getting distracted. I actually did pretty well, finished about 3/4s, including the speed achievement through the library. Thank god I was smart enough to get that out of the way.

Legendary in this Halo I think is the hardest of all the ones I've done. It feels like they just didn't know what they were doing, since it was a new system. After taking down shields of an elite, they still have a ton of HP you have to burn through. Or maybe its just because theres no battle rifle in this game for super easy headshots. The pistol is amazing, but if you ever lose it, good luck finding it again- there are no common precision shot weapons which is how I always worked through these.

I abused the system as hard as I could to get these achievements. Played most levels in coop for free respawns and turned on the unlimited ammo skull. Not pretty, but I just wanted it off my list. The driving section at the end was still annoying, but it took me maybe a bit over an hour to get it done right (no flipping the car, and 1 minute left on legendary). Pretty sure they made the warthog drive a lot tighter in the sequels, though by the end I was doing pretty well.

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