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There's a common misconception concerning me going around the community I work in. No, not the racism stuff, that is true. No, I am referring to the idea that I hate kids. I don't hate kids. I love kids (w'sup Mzo, Shine). I have friends who are kids. I do hate the "parents" of most kids that come into the shop though. I put that in quotes because I think parents is a misnomer for these people. From what I can tell, there isn't any parenting going on.

I'm going to get curmudgeonly here, but when did it become okay for people to let their kids run wild through someone else's place of business? When did the concept of Look, But Don't Touch get moth balled? Hell, at this point, I'd be happy if all they did was touch (w'sup Mzo, Shine). I've had kids grab stuff off of the counters and rip it open, and not like 3 or 4 year olds, who might possibly get a pass for not knowing any better. I'm talking 7, 8, and 9 year olds. The "Parents" either completely ignore the kid, grab the kid by the arm and scuffle out the door, leaving the mess for me to pick up, or turn into Kimbo Slice and start beating the shit out of the kid. No one ever offers to pay for the merchandise that was just ruined though, or even apologize. It's like as long as they don't acknowledge the situation, the situation does not exist.

I'm in too good a mood to get started on the asshats who let their kids climb all over and kick our glass showcases.

Due to the size of the store and the amount of stuff we have to sell, keeping everything out of the public's grasp just isn't possible. Also, from a merchandising perspective, it's not profitable. No one looks around them to see what's in the store. Our 360 section is right behind the cash register area where I am 95% of the day. I wish I had a nickel for every time someone walked up to me and asked where the 360 games were. I'd have handfuls of nickels. HANDFULS! The point is, if you don't throw something in the average persons face, they'll never see it and never realize how badly they need it.

That also reminds me of the time a little girl kept telling her father that she didn't feel good and was going to be sick. He kept telling her to shut up till he decided which $5.99 Xbox360 game he was going to buy. She threw up all over the floor. He yelled at her, grabbed her by the arm, and hustled out the door. It worked out though, because I woke up that morning with the desire to clean up the yak of someone else's kid.

There's a woman named Twilight who comes in here with her kid. I'm pretty sure she's a stripper. A middle of the afternoon stripper, not a headliner if you catch my drift. This is how every one of their weekly visits plays out. She brings her kid in here and he starts screaming I WANT TWO GAMES! She will say no, and he will throw a tantrum, kicking and screaming. She will say You Aren't Getting Anything and leave. Only she leaves. He's still in the store. He will look at me and say She's Not Leaving Me, She Will Be Back. Will You Get Those Two Games I Wanted Out Of The Case Cause She's Going To Buy Them For Me We Both Know It. After 10 minutes and her popping her head in the door and saying Come On Lets Go You're Getting Nothing, she comes in and says Fine But You Better Love Me and buys his two games. E-v-e-r-y w-e-e-k this happens, and it's been going on for months.

This is a favorite discussion between a coworker and I . I'm 34. If I acted the way these kids are allowed to act, my father would have taken me home, beat me with a belt, then driven me back to the store to apologize to the employees. My coworker is 25. She says her mother would have beat her if she acted that way. So somewhere between 1995 and now, parenting became a lost art. Somewhere between then and now it became okay for children to grab the NES light guns out of the dump bin and chase each other around the store whilst unloading uncountable imaginary bullets into each other. I probably wouldn't care as much if the noise those guns made when you pull the trigger were imaginary. Fuck whoever thought that feature was a great idea.

People just don't care how their kids act anymore. In the words of Mr Zach De La Rocha (who of course purloined them himself) Welcome To The New World Order.



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  1. Razor Ramon's Avatar
    Me not giving a fuck about what another person thinks of me is different than not respecting them. I wouldn't fuck with someone because I don't know the person but I won't change who I am either.
  2. Some Stupid Japanese Name's Avatar
    That is true, but that's an orange to my apple.
  3. Razor Ramon's Avatar
    Fuck your apple?
  4. Compass's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Satsuki
    Right now there are about 8 kids playing "football" loudly RIGHT outside my window right now while their dad is complete with such awesome phrases such as "what kind of a FUCKING PASS WAS THAT? ARE YOU A LITTLE PUSSY?" etc., etc. I really hate children and their parents right now.
    I have neighbors like that. And they're always outside. Always. I'm convinced they get locked out of their house years ago.

    Couple days ago I was more annoyed than usual for some reason. Opened all the windows and *cranked* "Mutilate the Stillborn" by Necrophagist. It was SO LOUD. I didn't even know my stereo went that loud. I actually scared myself a little. I let the whole album play through. It did nothing of course save make me feel a little better.
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