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Happy birthday, old friend

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I was on the main page a few minutes ago, and noticed that it (July 2) was the birthday of an old friend, Daisuke Jigen, aka Clint Gorman. He didn't post on TNL for very long, but many of the old #gf_tavern crew will probably remember him very well.

He passed away a little over 7 years ago, and under the birthday announcement it showed that he should have been 28 years old today. It just hit me like a punch to the gut. Has it been that long?

I'm just about to turn 31 myself, and it makes me angry to think that at the age of 20, he was barely more than a child, not given a chance to really experience life. Yet, in the brief time that I knew him, he probably knew more about how to really live life than I will ever know.

Happy Birthday, old friend. You will always be missed.

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  1. dog$'s Avatar
    Should we agree to do something to keep his account active so that his information and status aren't lost?
  2. Chux's Avatar
    Synaesthesia awaits.
  3. Fe 26's Avatar
    I always remember him at the weirdest times.

    shit =C
  4. BioMechanic's Avatar
    I think about Jigen every time I play Rez, which is almost every month. Since his passing, I started to view a Rez playthrough as the final journey of his soul, through the stages of his much-too-short life until his ultimate transformation.

    I can't believe it's been seven years. I like to think that he knows we remember him. I'll never forget his contagious enthusiasm.
  5. YellerDog's Avatar


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