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    that game has the best sprite work

    i want to animate
    i want to be an animator
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    Thank you, sir.
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    Thank you! Yeah, Pacific Pinball Museum! It's pretty great! The variety of machines is amazing. It's kind of hilarious how much of a selling point 'women with rock-hard nipples' has been through the years.

    There's also a pretty serious arcade in Alameda, but they're apparently closed on Mondays and Tuesdays so we missed that.
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    I don't know if you saw that Steins;Gate was already on PC or not! I finished 4/6 endings, the last two which diverge significantly from the first 4 and i'm saving those last 2 for Vita. I might play the whole thing again. Steins;Gate is so good
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    btw, who is your favorite character?

    I really like Kirigiri and Toko AFTER HER TRANSFORMATION and Hifumi and Sakura (i hate her voice though!). I liked everyone except the first trial murderer and victim and the stupid fortune teller kid.
    Even the first death person is cool if you talk to her during the breaks.
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    Truth bullets aren't bad until you get too many choices and everything is kind of vague or it seems like more than one could be the correct answer so you're just picking stuff at random. I think the 2nd game has it way more than the 1st.
    But yeah, everything else that's some kind of matching or rhythm or jam the button just needs to go. I love the characters and some of the plot points are genuinely touching. It's nice that the game lets you set the action difficulty to easy so you don't have to deal with it as much. It's one of the few times where i don't feel bad for choosing the easier difficulty.
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    but i love everything about the game that isn't "futz around with this horrible mini game to fill in the blanks"
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    i'm playing the 2nd Dangitgranpa and every trial makes me mad because i hate when it feels like it has to have some horrible gameplay element

    i am about to change the difficulty to "babby" because i'm tired of putting up with it.
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    Criminal Girls isn't a bad game at all!

    PSN is finchiekins
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    i... actually never started it because i wanted to beat 4 Heroes of Light first and i'm at the very end but can't muster up the energy to do it
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    I always wanted to play Popolocrois but never got too far into it! I actually ordered another PSP copy a while ago when the Harvest Moon x Popo game was announced!
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    who is that sexy eggplant lady?
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    I've had the small n3DS since the jp release and i really like it!

    I just wanted the small one released in the US too
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    Yes! i'm backing up my files from my old 3DS right now
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    Did you get Criminal Girls on Vita? i'm surprised by how much i like this game. It's way budget but fun anyway.
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    According to people who really like SaGa, it's a SaGa in everything but name and Kawazu.
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    i don't know if AmiAmi will let me hotlink, but i sure like some of the weird KanColle designs. I think it'd be something i could get into, even though it's a browser game.

    Also i ordered Legend of Legacy from AmiAmi and i'm pretty excited, even if i won't be able to understand most of the dialog! I'll probably make a topic about that.
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    Yeah, i played the Vita version. It's really nice! They might just make an actual good Neptunia game yet.
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    I always know who my 3DS is telling me is online at 3am because no one else is awake except No One
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    Thanks for the birthday greeting.
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