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    are you playing Legend of Legacy?
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    Ironplant pointed this out to me:

    Did you watch it yet? There's a lot of butt but otherwise it's really good. i'm not anti-butt
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    I wish that show was good

    at least there's


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    lol I should fit right in then. =p
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    I dunno, I think you guys are funny. =p
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    lol Thanks. I was invited by Mzo or Mechdeus, can't remember. I used to be in their guild on WoW.
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    Thanks man!
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    Btw, if you have/get a PS4, Disgaea 5 is really good. I'm playing it for review and I'm surprised how much I'm enjoying it.
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    i don't think i've been more disappointed over people not playing a video game. I'm pretty sure Toby Fox already made as much money/recognition from it as he expected or wanted, i just want people to play it
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    O___O linking it:

    a commercial came on when i was uploading it and freaking me the eff out
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    Wuh. Toriel after quitting my genocide run: Why are you looking at me like that, like you have seen a ghost?
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    the thing that pretty much ended my run (I ended it around where I think you are) was killing Papyrus and that he still thought I could change. Dang video game.

    also Sans's lines closer to the beginning about at least trying the puzzles and at least pretending to be human because Papyrus wanted to see a human so badly

    The best
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    lol, it reads like a high schooler made it, but an actually funny probably smart high schooler who somehow expanded time so he could make video games while in high school with extracurricular activities while somehow not failing
  16. View Conversation Toby Fox is an amazing insane person
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    There are all sorts of amazing details, like you can throw sticks for dogs (and Papyrus), give a piece of pie to Asgore, or give a spider bake sale product to Muffet to end the spider fight early


    why i don't know why anyone would do that even if it's a tough fight.

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    Flowey after i reset my murder run:

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    FLOWEY KNOWS EVERYTHING. When i first restarted, i was scrolling through the text too quickly to really read it but noticed it had changed, started over to re-read it and he said "Don't you have something better to do?"

    There's some pretty huge stuff that happens if you go for the genocide ending and start over afterwards. (obvious ending spoilers)The entire game is gone because you killed all of the characters, BUT if you wait 10 minutes you can sell your soul to start over. And if you do that, get the true pacifist ending, it's strongly suggested that the main character kills everyone in the monster and human world after he/she escaped.
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    Also, speaking of old Square games it took me until the warbley voice samples to know for sure that the opera scene was a spoof of the opera scene. The tympani drum sealed it
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    Did you have it full screen? I had the window small and the name on the window started going crazy, and i'm not sure if it happens on windows too, but the name in the top left on Mac OSX did the same so it looked my computer was messing up. It was really a "ha ha this is supposed to happen.... right?" moment. That flowey was the worst most horrible thing ever.

    Also i completely reset my murder run after downgrading it from a genocide run because i was feeling way too guilty for a dang video game.

    and Flowey made fun of me for doing it

    I'm probably just going back for the true pacifist ending again because i'm so upset with what i did. I really just want to give Yoko Taro a copy of this. I wonder if he'd play it seems to be exactly what he wants to do.
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    I haven't played that Earthbound mod, but i'll try it!
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