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    Happy Bday man! Sorry it's near the end, hope it was an awesome day!!!
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    i'm surprised you haven't heard about Bravely Default! I've been weh wehing about Square Enix not announcing that for US release since it was announced!
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    thank you.
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    Yawara! is the best
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    Okay, that'll stave me off from getting it. I was trying to watch videos of the "funny" parts, and even that seemed to lack the energy that the voice actors had in the second game. I keep remembering the people that said the second one was a good game and that the first one is terrible, and while i really like Mk2, it's hard to imagine a game that's similar but terrible in comparison. I can imagine Inafune really liking the idea, but saying, "Okay guys. This is fun, but let's at least make it not a pile of garbage."
    Thanks! That saves me $30 for now!
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    if they can improve the third one as much as they supposedly did the second one they deserve a gold star. Otherwise i'll still give them a silver star for effort. I'm seriously looking forward to it. i've been looking up pictures and CyberConnect2 (Solatorobo) is in it! She's totally a furry with a tail and ears. GOOD FOR YOU CC2.
    although they went back to breathing illustrated character portraits, weird. Did people actually want that back? Creepy.

    Did you beat the first one? Is it worth it for a super f-chan? it seems like it's getting kind of rare now and i keep swinging back and forth between wanting to get it and remembering how terrible everyone said it was.
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    She is indeed quite prettiful. I haven't seen the other two she is in, but will rectify that.
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    NepNep is my favorite, her English voice actress (Ed from Cowboy Bebop!) is perfect. i just ordered the lunchbox set of the 3rd game... it's terrible of me to do, but the Neptune LE sets seem to retain their value really well, and i know i'll enjoy the 3rd game.

    Have you been watching Yawara? It just keeps getting better as it goes!
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    The first one or the 2nd one?
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    I have most of the materials and the paper itself isn't expensive if i have to get more. Would $25 be okay? I'll make something a little different from the one i posted. Does she have a favorite character or are there certain characters she really likes?
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    THANKS! It looks like it's cheap at the local Gamestops, so if i can find one that's not in awful condition i'll buy it!
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    I want Persona 2 fighting game characters. I want to play as Ginko. It'd be neat if they even just had Ma-ya~

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    we are weather buddies! <3 today, hoodies. because we can!
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    srsly BC. srsly.
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    haha, don't worry baby! Thank you so much, that's so sweet of you
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    Well with the world obsessed with vampires and shit, I had to go my own way. And you know what they say, witches get bitches!
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