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    Awesome dude, enjoy!
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    Your game is in the mail as of Tuesday, I'm hoping you get it by the weekend. Thanks again dude and let me know when you get it.
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    Hey man, I've been trying to send your game out since Friday but they're doing something to the post office and I can't even get into the parking lot, so unfortunately I'm going to have to wait till I get back to send your stuff. But I have the day off when we get back so I will absolutely get it out to you as soon as I can. Sorry for the delay dude.
  4. hahaha that had to have sucked dude. Glad you figured out it hadn't gotten there yet and you did not loose it!
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    I just had a mini freak out and actually started sweating cuz I saw your envelope from the last time we did buisness next to my computer and thought you'd already sent the money and that I had lost it. Wow, that was intense. Just telling you cuz it freaked me right the hell out. lol
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    Sounds good man, thanks!
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    No problem sir, I'll send your stuff as soon as I get your monies
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    Yo dude. Josh Reitz 122 Belmeade Rd Rochester NY 14617, wanna call it $8 shipped? And I think I need your addy again unless it's different than the one you send on the envelope.
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    I'm doing ok. Seeing a psychologist today, not that I'm crazy ??? I just need someone to organize my brain for me.
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    That message was random. I wish I was in florida. I hate you.
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    That is correct sir! Actually I'm doing great. Looking forward to gencon (maybe) and graduation.
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    Thanks! I understand completely life being crazy.
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    I broke into tears at that moment and was comforted by a friend's hot wife!
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    I've been around, aim stopped signing me in automatically and I never bothered to do anything about it. OOPSIE.
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    That... is seriously quite horrible.
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    Ha ok now it all makes sense. But I don't have anyone on ignore even if I usually hate their posts, it's all still fun to read so I say whatever.
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    Thanks man =)
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    i don't really for that name anymore, so i figured i'd start going by my actual nick name :P
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    Anytime! I hope that made some small amount of sense.
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    OK, lemme see.

    I want to see the acting really sell the "WORLD!" line, put the whole body into it. Maybe use that as a way to get reaaaaal close up in the other guy's face. Really slow that facial expression down, give it more power. Unlock that right arm, too! I think you could get a really nice 'claw' kinda gesture out of that if you play that pose out.

    I feel like the green fella's hand kind of just floats there in front of the other guy's face for a bit without having any drive behind it, it's just kinda 'there'.

    I think maybe just get up out of your chair and really kind of act it out a few dozen times!
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    I know. That's what made it funny!
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    Yeah, shoot.
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    I don't think you would need a million dollars to do that!
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    Woot woot Happy almost xmas Shin!
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