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About gameoverDude
Now playing: Time Crisis 5 (4.9M/14 mins), Galaga'88, ME: Andromeda, TxK, Ys VIII (PS4), The Ninjawarriors (PS4)
Listening to music (all genres), reading, JRPGs/FPS/gun games.
Favorite System:
PC, PS1-PS4, Dreamcast,PSP,Vita,Saturn,
Favorite Game:
Time Crisis series, Razion (Neo), Crimzon Clover (PC), Witcher 1-3
Favorite Book:
Kill Shot (Vince Flynn), The Hit (David Baldacci)
Favorite Movie or Anime:
San Andreas, $100,000 Pyramid, Taken 3, It ('17), The Whispers (TV), Castle (TV)
Favorite Musical Artist:
Ashley Tisdale, Basia, Ariana Grande, Megaten, Aya, Sanodg, J99, Yack, Takeshi Miura, JDK, Shimizm
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Finished in 2017: 26 games (AC: 3, PC: 18, PS4: 5)
Finished in 2018: 2 games (AC: 1, PC: 1)


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16 Jan 2018 02:24 AM
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26 Mar 2002
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Kaiser Knuckle: General smackdown by Wulong (FIRST TRY, 1CC) & Li-hua

by gameoverDude on 19 Jun 2017 at 02:03 AM

Maybe the "perfect soldier" is not so perfect.

Someone in Korea has cleared Kaiser Knuckle on a single credit... on VERY HARD difficulty. The General gets put in his place thanks to a grave flaw in his AI. Playing as Wulong, if you use a Ryuukizan (f,d,df+P), there's a good chance that he'll try to counter with a front kick. Counter that attempt with a crouching strong kick. Kick ass. Repeat.

Surely there must be a similar trick

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Prototypes Found: Rolling Thunder 3 (arcade) & DC Vs. SNK (arcade)

by gameoverDude on 01 Apr 2017 at 03:26 AM
Two prototypes for the arcade have been found. The first two Rolling Thunder games did appear in arcades, but not the third. Unless you count a 1993 location test.

Rolling Thunder 3's prototype was about completed and was ready to ship if it had done well at loketest. Namco had some of their System 2 board sets left over when they decided to move the Final Lap series to System R for its next game. Unfortunately, fighting games were stiff competition for most other genres at the

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Updated 01 Apr 2017 at 04:13 PM by gameoverDude

Video Games

DariusBurst CS: AC original route ADH no-miss, 124M.

by gameoverDude on 07 Dec 2015 at 11:27 PM

DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours
DBAC Original mode, from PS4 version

Player: gameoverDude
Ship: Genesis
Route: ADH
Score: 124003600

A good no-miss run up until the botch job on the final boss kill (nope, no Counter Burst finish there... sorry.) Placed 2nd on local rankings for H-route & Genesis. This would likely have been my new 1st place for H-route local ranking if not for that.
Video Games

Time Crisis 5: 5.6M play by nCaD, 2P side

by gameoverDude on 13 Nov 2015 at 08:59 PM
HZH has totally destroyed Time Crisis 5 with a 6M score, but someone else is right on his tail. Here's nCaD with a 5.6M run on the Player 2 side (Marc Godart).

This version of TC5 TM uses subtitles in Bahasa Indonesia, but spoken dialogue is still in English.

At the end, you'll notice some "suiciding" against the final boss during his last phase. One bullet is deliberately missed. Damage is taken but this allows repeating that phase

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Time Crisis 5: True Mastermind Edition

by gameoverDude on 16 Sep 2015 at 11:14 PM
Not too long ago, the True Mastermind Edition upgrade for Time Crisis 5 started trickling out to select areas. Now it has been released worldwide. The kit comes with 2 pop cards labeled "New Stages! The Complete Edition!" & "Mastermind Edition Released!' for operators to hang on the cabinet. Look for a new title screen which also features Wild Dog & Wild Fang instead of just Luke & Marc. Upgrading the game is as simple as plugging in a USB jump drive.

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Updated 14 Nov 2015 at 12:59 AM by gameoverDude

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