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    D:< I should just stop looking at eBay....
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    It might be tough to find those books in really good condition.

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    Not sure if you're interested, but -

    That's probably the cheapest you'll find it! (i just got volume 2, which was the most expensive. otherwise i'd go for it)
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    Yeah, volume 2 is pretty expensive. I only have the first one so far. I don't even know if there are more than 5 or Viz was just continuing their 90's antics of picking up series, publishing bits and pieces, and then dropping it forever. I can't even find that info on Japanese sites. I know the 1st GE999 series went for 18 volumes, then there was a 2nd (that's what we got) started in the 90's that doesn't seem as highly regarded. There's also a 2nd release of the GE999 series that was 21 volumes, and i don't know if it included pt. 2 or not.
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    I don't think Working!! is the best show ever, but that Popura and Inami Nendoroid are super cute.

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    Spoiler about Menma Nendoroid!- >:O YUKIATSU FACE!
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    >:O I just sent payment! Menma is that much closer!
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    I changed the shipping to SAL, given that SAL would make her $47 as opposed to EMS which would make her $54. It's not that much of a difference, but it seems like it is!
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    >:O She's listed as being in stock on HLJ.... I want that email NOW. The sooner it comes, the sooner Menma will be here...
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    That's a lot! Where did you order her from? Hobby Search? HLJ hasn't sent me the "PAY UP!" email yet. I'm debating whether i should switch to SAL shipping or just go with EMS because it's not TOO expensive.
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    Haha...and THAT one use to be the image for p'n's back when I wasn't sure what to do with it, and thought a pink psp might be a good representation. XD
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    It's a popular image for "kirino" in google, so I don't doubt your story. I've gotten territorial over avatar images before, but perhaps she suits you more...she's definitely more "spicy" than I am.
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    Your current avatar is my twitter avatar. :O It's one of my favorites. ^_^
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    What is your new avatar from? The character seems to suit you.
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    Did you type "Anaru" in google and the first link said "IT MEANS "ANAL"" and then go, "oh..."? Because i did that yesterday before you responded.
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    I like this one! Too bad it's so expensive. The exchange rate is not very chan-friendly right now.
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    I found a site that was only semi-shady that still has it! I had it on an old external drive that just won't spin anymore, so i'm getting it now while i still can. Thanks though!
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    Windy Tales is becoming depressingly difficult to find. I hate that it was never licensed. I would pay real money for it and track down a player if they released it on vinyl video discs.
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    Aw, man, that's disappointing. I was really looking forward to that one.
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    Compass, is Doctor Lautrec worth getting? I saw you had it as your favorite game for a while. I almost bought it today, but the Gamestop clerk started speaking badly about Final Fantasy XII and i really had to leave.
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    I want THIS:

    Click for full size
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    I watched a bit of both of them, and they seem like they'll be really good! Thanks for the recommendations!
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    I watched ALL OF IT in the past week! 39 episodes! And the new season is just starting! It doesn't get old, either! I think the 2nd season was the best so far, but the 3rd was still really good. In less competent hands, it would turn into yokai of the week, but the stories are always wonderful.
    There were a few things i didn't like in the 1st season, mainly the animation being just bad at some points and his two best friend characters. From the beginning of the 2nd season the animation gets a lot better. There's one episode where the animation director gets all stylized and it just looks amazing. The two friend characters are redeemed MUCH later, when they're fleshed out a little beyond "zany best friends".
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