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    I <3 rape eyes.
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    I laughed quite hard when she told me, and then proceeded to tell me that you'd already answered my unasked question. Bravo, sir.
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    I know some of the on-air people and board ops.
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    Doesn't look like it atm, financial reasons (I am poor), but I will keep you posted it we randomly head down there.
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    Dude... so not cool.

    Ok, it's cool.
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    the pictures didnt turn out as well as we hoped, at least the first batch...ill send them tonight anyway but theyre not that great

    the 2nd session hopefully was better, ill get those later this week
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    cause i always like what you put in
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    took more pictures this weekend, ill send them to you when theyre edited for more input, yeah?
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    Is it ok if I call you Big Papa? Or is that coming on a little too strong?
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    Did someone say rape? O.o
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    actually yeah, lol. I've been getting repped like a sum-bitch
  12. Dave, you do know posting on my profile opens you up to rape?
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    Hello Pardner
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    did you get a chance to hear murder by death's "theme for ennio morricone" ? its my favorite from their new album. you will heart it.
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    I will, someday.
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    you reek of awesome!
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    You me and aurora drinks fo sho?
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    You ladies couldn't deal with Doc. You'd get pregnant just being in the same room as his pimp-ass self, and a travelin' man with a masta plan like doc ain't got no time for settlin' cuz he movin' like a bedouin.
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    i repeat samba.
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    When are you coming out to SD for a visit?
  21. Damn it feels good to be a tee-inella.
    A real trollin'-ass tee-inella posts his flames right.
    A real trollin'-ass tee-inella never runs his fuckin mouth,
    Cuz real flamin'-ass tee-inellas don't start fights.
    And trolls always gotta high score,
    Showin' all of /b/ how he shot em.
    But real trollin'-ass tee- inella dont flex nuts,
    Cuz real trollin'-ass tee-inellas know they got 'em.
    And everything's cool in the mind of a tee- inella,
    Cuz trollin'-ass tee-inellas think deep.
    Up three-sixty-five a year 24/7,
    Cuz real trollin'-ass tee-inellas dont sleep.

    And all I gotta say to you
    Wannabe, gonna'be, cocksuckin', pussy-eatin prankstas...
    Cuz when the fry dies down what the fuck you gonna do?

    Damn it feels good to be a tee-inella.
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    these are our friends, socrates johnson, dennis freud, bob ghengis kahn, and uh...abraham lincoln
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    Why isn't there more doc in my life?
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    please please please please go to the sd fair meetup if it happens or even if it doesnt. please.
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    fuck yeah he is.
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The Wednesday Streets of East Philly: story one - Young Dog Trap

by Doc Holliday on 21 Sep 2011 at 04:47 PM
When I grew up, we ate cheesesteak, root for the Eagles, watched Fresh Prince, and went down the corner to see what Dog Trap was up to. Of course, back then he was called Skirt Cone. We were ten.

Skirt was a middle child of eight and he talked like it. He knew everything and he was loud. And when he was funny, he was funny. But we only got to see him every other year, before he'd wear his moms out and she'd pack him up and send him to his dad in Red Hook, who it turn only put up with

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News and Culture , Personal

Good love story.

by Doc Holliday on 21 Sep 2010 at 07:00 PM

on the topic of boobies

by Doc Holliday on 21 Sep 2010 at 11:23 AM
RE: 46237

Coming out your mouth with your blah, blah, blah Zip your lips like a padlock And meet me in the back With the Jack and the jukebox I don't really care where you live at Just turn around, boy, let me hit that Don't be a little bitch with your chit chat Just show me where your dick's at Music starts, listen hot stuff I'm in love with this song So just hush, baby, shut up Heard enough Stop, talk, talk, talking that blah, blah, blah Think you'll be getting this? Nah, nah, nah

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Updated 22 Sep 2010 at 01:08 AM by Doc Holliday

News and Culture , Personal

Rules 1 & 2

by Doc Holliday on 05 Aug 2010 at 02:46 PM
I support them, much like the US supported the Taliban in the 80's. Now, I do not condone 2/3 of the shit they do -- a minority of the raids, the daily CP that is part of that life -- but I deal with it for the genuine no-punches-pulled humor and the words inserted into our collective lexicon in trade.

In fact, I can't imagine a world world without them. It's like a boom town in the wild west and Anon is the mafia is running the show! But no matter how much the outside world portray

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Updated 05 Aug 2010 at 04:33 PM by Doc Holliday

News and Culture

How did I get here?

by Doc Holliday on 26 Jul 2010 at 06:54 PM
I have toyed with lucid dreaming in the past. And I went on a good run of spotting my dreams, then manipulating them -- more often than not for sex -- I was eighteen.

So, last night I had a dream. And in it, I left work at lunch, sold a CD, and while sleepy, and not paying attention, I hit a pedestrian.

I hit the breaks and stopped.

But not in time to avoid hitting her. There were kids in the road, too. I didn't hit those, as far as I know.

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Updated 27 Jul 2010 at 01:57 AM by Doc Holliday

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