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    Happy bDay bVork!!!
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    I just use a cheap headset, nothing fancy. It'll probably be some time next year but i thought i'd ask in advance! I'll keep you notified.
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    i put "Amiga" on the list. I'll have to get Mzo and Geen into it but i don't think that'd be too hard. Qwak looks like something i'd enjoy. Would you like to be on that episode?
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    That actually sounds pretty great, have fun man!
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    Happy bIrthday bVork!!!
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    i'm playing Steins; Gate RIGHT NOW and i went to see if anyone ever said anything about it. Only you and Salsashark ever brought it up! I wonder if they'll ever get around to Chaos; Head
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    Happy Bday bVork!!!
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    Happy birthday sir!
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    Happy birthday bVork!
  10. Happy birthday!
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    Wonderful! And sorry I said hope your day WAS excellent, I didn't realize when I wrote that what time it was, I thought I was sending it at the ass end of your birthday, when in actuality it was the very beginning! Glad it's going well sir
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    Happy Birthday bVork! Hope you had an excellent day my friend!
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    Thanks for letting me know about the reply. WB told me to take it back to the retailer which is in a different country and left it at that. I'm actually going there on Monday so will try to exchange it then. Barring that, I will be in contact with them again!
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    Taurus Demon shouldn't be too bad once you figure him out, but definitely you want to be below 50% of your equip capacity otherwise you move like molasses. Start off killing the 2 archers above so they can't hurt you, then go out just far enough to have the Taurus jump down. Turn and run immediately back up the ladder and do the falling thrust at him before he jumps up at you. At that point lock on target and back away from him, he doesn't have a lot of attacks that can close a large distance quickly so you shouldn't have a problem but roll evade away if he swings close. At that point I was a pyromancer and just threw a few flames and it was game over, so firebombs will work just as well, if that's not an option then lure him as far back to the other end as possible then sprint past him back to the ladder and rinse repeat with the falling thrust. You can also fight him up close, just only go for one hit at a time then either block or evade when he swings. That is probably the harder way to go, but the demon is kind of slow so you should have enough time to see each attack coming and get away accordingly. After that, you're a short short walk to the Drake Sword which has a base damage of 200 and will pretty much 1 hit kill most things for the next few hours.
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    Post your gameclub stuffs bro.
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    Happy Birthday bVork!
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    Make it awesome buddy!
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    Happy Birthday man!
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    I beat it! Finally cracked 20 million.
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    I've only logged about 5 or 6 hours, but starting with 2 works better for me right now. I haven't really figured out the Micluses (Miclii?) in 1 yet, so playing 2 before it gives me a better chance of building an early chain.
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    I'm coming for your Raiden Fighters 1 score.
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    I was thinking about making it a "Top 10 Underappreciated Posters" thread, but i think that was actually kind of done by Doc.
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    Aw, bVork, you was a martyr. I will hold a candlelight vigil until your return.
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    Maybe it's because you live there. Every time i visit a place i used to live, it seems much more magical than when i actually lived there.

    Maaan, i'll just have to start playing again so i can beat your score.
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