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  1. It's not so black and white as that. Much has been twisted and taken out of context. He has his opinions and to be honest, i felt it interesting how he worked through them throughout the series.
  2. Glamourpuss was part art history (focusing on photo realism in comic strip art and artists Raymond, Williamson, and Drake), part fashion magazine parody, and part weird story, all done in that lovely photo real style.
    Sadly, it's been cancelled.
    Maybe you should put the Cerebus collections on your wishlist...
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    omg no that was terrifying

    You might dig
    he does amazing pixel art + game rips
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    I found it but repacked it during the move. It's here somewhere...
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    Lol that was a hilarious butthole move Moustache made at the end.
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    Furaran! Furaran! Randabuuuu

    I wonder why the Japanese think yoyos are weapons.
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    You will be caught up to me soon. Crazy how you went through them so fast. I remember the Finch guy from Unwound Future, but had already forgotten most of everything else you posted. And I only played it like a year ago. Brain is horrible. I couldn't even remember for sure if it was a fake village in UF.
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    I just found out about the Nebelung cat breed, and now I want one.

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    Ahhhh, I thought she sounded familiar. I didn't know V was getting an LE at all, let alone one that comes with two (!!) lunch boxes/tins. Hmmmm, not sure I'm going to be able to resist spending the extra money now. I need to hurry up and finish the first. March isn't that far off!

    Arrrgh, the NIS store says they're almost out of the LE. THAT DOES IT, I'M ORDERING IT.

    Yawara! has been great so far (I think I'm up to episode 13). I've only been watching it on weeks when my stepdaughter is staying with us, since she's really taken a liking to it. I'd really like her to have more exposure to anime from the 80s. I guess a lot of her middle school classmates are into Vampire Knight and it's ilk, so we're taking a break from Yawara! to watch the original OVA version of Vampire Princess Miyu. I still have all the old expensive AnimEigo releases on those crazy-colored VHS tapes!
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    The first one. I've got the second lined up next in my GameFly queue. Overall reaction to both games hasn't been very positive (and let's be honest, most Idea Factory/Compile Heart games are kind of terrible), but it's one of those series I've been wanting to check out for a while now and finally can now that I have a PS3. Yes it's shameless, but it's also rather clever.
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    oh, I would like that! Maybe something about Megaman! Or Mario! Or something completely original!
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    Happy new year!!!!!!!
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    Whoa, this girl is cute. There is some Roll cosplay for ya:
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    I think you would be okay. But the good/bad news is after Unwound Future, there is no more Flora... because the next two games are prequels to Curious Village.

    [edit]: Which you realize!
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    She's crazy about Marceline (I knew this even before watching the show with her thanks to the half-dozen Marceline shirts she owns). A few weeks would be perfect timing, since I should be recovered from Christmas shopping by then. $25 sounds more than fair!
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    She would absolutely love it. Pretty much everything we got her for Christmas this year is Adventure Time-related; it's literally all she wanted. If you let me know what the costs are for the materials and your time, I'd be happy to compensate you for it. I insist!
  21. I recall you saying you would never get it but if you did get it, it had to be revelaitons.
    So even if you never play it, at least you have it. But you should play it. It's a good good game.
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    ah shit, that last one is the best.
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    If for whatever reason you can't find Nier for cheap, let me know and I will gladly buy you a copy.
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Snow Bike is Snow Bike

by Finch on 22 Dec 2011 at 03:37 PM
A few years ago i got some big old snow tires for my bike. They're extra fat and they're studded, so they do a pretty good job. Usually i can trudge through the worst storms with aplomb. I've lost traction a few times but as of yet, on a snowy or icy surface, i have not fallen over with these tires, and only once have i had to get off my bike because i couldn't grip the ground. Sure, i've wrecked on a dry sandy road, slipped on grass, even gotten a sprained knee from slipping in a puddle on a warm

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Donkabonk Magadonk 122111

by Finch on 21 Dec 2011 at 09:38 PM
I was late to work again.

122111ZwRRCK: 11:30-12:00

Usual time, nothing to get worked up about.

122111ZwRRCL: 1:00-1:30

Guydeliveringenvelopes showed up: Tried to talk to me, but i'm not especially good at shooting the shit.

Over900052kdx19001: 3:00-5:15

An order came in. Guestbooks, but we're out of nearly every color now. Sucks. Keep bugging boss for more.

185575zaaAbN2: 6:00-7:30

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News and Culture , Personal

Fixies SUCK!

by Finch on 19 Aug 2010 at 08:01 PM
Why do people hate fixies so much but give single speed bikes a free pass? Why are hipsters associated with fixies, when there are enough purple bikes with neon-green Deep-V with gold freewheel hubs to completely disassociate hipsters with fixed gears? Mostly it's people being ignorant. It's fun to be a dumbass when everyone else is doing it, but sometimes... sometimes... don't you wish you had something you could care about without everyone making fun of it? If you don't want to be a stupid asshole,

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by Finch on 25 Jun 2010 at 11:16 AM
This morning i drove by myself for the first time in over a year. Now i feel all aggressive and mad! I remember why i used to scream all the time and drive recklessly: when i want to get angry, there's not a satisfying outlet. A few twitches and i could ruin someone's life pretty bad, but on my bike, i really have to put effort into getting angry. A quick sprint will get it all out.
Now while you're fuming over what this stupid ass cyclist thinks he knows about driving, what do you hate about

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Work laziness

by Finch on 21 Jun 2010 at 08:54 PM
Being that i'm the only employee where i work, sometimes i'm the only person actually at work. On most days, i go about what i'm supposed to do, interspersed with Facebook time and email time, and sometimes playing vidya games time.
There are also some days where work isn't particularly busy or i can't fill orders because of missing supplies, so i don't work as much and spend more time on doing things that aren't valuable at all. On these days, i reflect it by writing down "2 hour break"

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