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  1. your wit deserves an audience larger than what TNL provides.
  2. That thing you did an hour ago that I can't rep? Sooo good.
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    but even if you don't like it i'm curious what you'd think about it. if i was a thousandaire i'd send it to every person i know because i want to know
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    Take your time! I hope you like it!
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    add me on steam dude i want to send you that game because i think you'd find it clever and charming and i hate this place so much
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    here, um, i think you can add me here:
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    i'm searching for ways to add friends in steam and i'm finding message board topics from 10 years ago

    i'm both relieved and very upset
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    i barely know how to work Steam. I could barely find the "add friends" option yesterday and i closed the "Oldperson's Guid to the Internet" page that found it for me last time... i'll try again later, just make sure i can add you!
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    It says there's no one by that name!
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    are you on the steam
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    Thanks, man!
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    What price are you looking to get out of Shadowgate?
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    Give it a little longer. It goes back to old songs after a while and some of the remixes and new songs are really good.
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    Also I'm doing a thing!
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    Yes! Ironically, what is holding it back is that I don't have my own list in order, and I like to kick it off with that. I definitely want to do it before year-end.
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    Happy Birthday, ARBM. I ate some cake in your honor earlier today.

    Nah I just wanted some cake.
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Oh man, I totally don't have that SMB3 anymore, and I just finished Snow Crash today
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    Geen. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest was called Final Fantasy USA in Japan, Geen. You were thinking of the US GB Final Fantasy games when you said it wasn't called Final Fantasy in Japan, Geen.
    I think I was thinking about Mystic Quest's European release, where it was known as Mystic Quest Legend, although I never knew it was called "Final Fantasy USA: Mystic Quest" in Japan. What a strange world they must have thought the US existed in between that and Super Mario USA.
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    Really though, if you ever want to play Splatoon or Mario kart or smash or whatever, just tell me a good time. I have a super irregular schedule.
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    it's the entire saga, i think it's finally over
  22. As I walked towards the building, it took me a minute to figure out what the large box carelessly dumped in front of the store door was.
  23. Basically took Berlin's stance that Romanticism presented the single greatest shift of Western consciousness and ran with it. That allowed me to cover both what influenced Romanticism (or what it was responding to) and then what it then influenced, like, you know...everything since it. I likened it lighter fluid. It burns hot and bright, but is only meant to get the fire started. Kinda corny, but whatevs. Clown college.
  24. This is for a history class, so there's been no readings of Wordsworth. We were told to pick a subject of history between 1700 and 1900 and I chose Romanticism. This prof is so disconnected from the class, that I don't think I'm married to the thesis. I highly doubt he'd go back to look at what the original thesis was. Regarding that preface, one of the books I've really enjoyed was the transcription of Isaiah Berlin's BBC lectures, The Roots of Romanticism. He called bullshit on Wordsworth's "real language of men." Thanks! You've given me an idea of what to do.
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