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    Did you ever get to play with those bad boys?
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    what the hell did I do to you recently?
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    Then you don't know Mykozo well.
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    Word up sister!
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    That's weird, I hope it didn't get sent to the wrong address, nobody else seems to have got their stuff either besides the guys I got codes for. I sure freakin hope I didn't do it wrong!
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    Wait? What's true? I have a beard? Yeah ,that's true!
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    Haha true that my brother!
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    Lol I can't rep you again just yet. No YOU'RE MOM IS FAT!
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    Your welcome..Just realized you left a message.
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    Keep your cool, brother. Dump her and truck on to the next one. There are some good women out there, but it's hard to find a keeper, so don't be too surprised when the shelf life is short.
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    not for me cause mine are awesome
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    Hahahaha I think that's my favorite video of all time.
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    It's TNL man, these people will consider posting a fucking gimmick lol
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    lol does ring a bell? Your "gimmick" in the flesh.
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    ...and I say that with upmost respect.
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    You play like golf, try to get the lowest score possible. When you think you have it, knock on the table twice and then reveal your cards, then your friends see if they beat you. If you win, all losers much drink as many times (within reason) as the more points they have than you. So if I won with 5 points and you lost with fifteen, you would drink ten times. If you lose, drink your entire drink. Shuffle up and deal again. Pretty entertaining especially if there is other stuff going on (we were watching Friday Night standup). If you want to play doubles, then any two cards you have that are the same knock each other out and score 0. I prefer doubles because it does add some strategy (if you see you have a jack and a 4 and you draw or someone discards a jack, replace the card you can't look at with the jack so you have a 0 for that and try to get a king in your other slot you can look at). It's good times, I suggest trying it with however many friends you like.
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    Thanks for the porn love yo. And golf is pretty easy: Card game, so obviously shuffle, four cards to each person and place them two on top, two below (square shape), all face down. Place your drink on one of the two in the top row; this card you are NOT allowed to look at at all. The two on the bottom you can look at at any time, but after the first you have to drink to see them again. The card next to your drink card you can NOT look at but you can switch it ONCE without looking. Your two bottom cards can be switched however many times you want. There is a draw pile and a discard pile, start with one card in discard. You choose which pile to draw from and discard one. Number cards are face value for points, aces are 1 point, jack and queen 10, and kings are 0 (best card).
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    out of respect for myself and my roommates the rest of the photos will not go on TNL. but there might be one or two i might be willing to email.
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    all of them of course
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    Saw this and thought of you...because it's Ghostbusters of course!

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    Good find on the ghost buster toys. It made me realize I was spoiled as a kid there was a ton of the toys that I had and had forgot all about. I had all the haunted humans except for the skeleton guy.
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    Dear Elkino,
    even though i sometimes i try to be a wise ass and often turn that into being a jack ass, i want you to know that i like you even though i'm a dick to you sometimes, and also i hope you don't hate me forever.
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    Gotta keep the cock reputation status at legendary.
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Marvel Comics and the Zombie Survival Guide
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GhostBusters and Army of Darkness
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KillSwitch Engage, mc chris, IN FLAMES, mushroomhead, Blood Stain Child
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