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    Glad you enjoyed it!
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    Just spent the last thirty minutes thumbing through this and going back to being seven walking through the giant aisles of Toys R Us. Enjoy (Although you probably have these in your personal collection, don't you? :-P) -
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    Dahg, i know you're good about not letting things get to you, but don't let Yoshi being a giant douche get to you. I have a hard time believing he's as much a dumbass as the character he plays on the internet.
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    I got your back man, you're a good dude. I'm sure we'd get along swimmingly IRL. No need for the rep but thank you nonetheless.
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    No worries my man, I'm just happy it wasn't a bad break up and she wants to get back together when she get's her shit in order. Only reason I took it down
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    Sorry dude I deleted your facebook comment. As much as it sucks, I do kinda understand why she has to go do her own thing and I don't feel that way about her at all, and I don't wanna ruin a possible future chance with her cuz she was well worth dating.
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    Confucious says "The only way to get more rep is to give them freely"
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    yes you are. I updated the pictures in the club.
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    are you part of the official Titty Vultures Club? If no I must rectify this situation.
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    Yeah, the 13th Anniversary 2 Disc Shpadoinkle Edition. it has new interviews, a new commentary and the original epic Drunken commentary. It's pretty keen.
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    First thing I did when I bought the first DVD. You got the newest one yet?
  14. I figure if anyone was going to appreciate it that you would.
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    For real, right. Have you played Rocket: Robot On Wheels? It's just about fantastic.
    And we've already covered Extreme-G.
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    haha,yeah, well, I need to learn, man. Most times it sucks letting women in under "the armor"
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    Probably because Im a softie. And were still very close. And she's probably one of few people I "L' word on this planet.Otherwise , Id probably out with them too (assuming that I actually still had them which I dont - that and she's a nerd like us, so chances of her coming to TNL are still fairly good...
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    How come you changed your nic from Elkino. You'll always be Elkino to me.
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    Lauren is adorable, go you dawg!
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    uh oh...what did i just sign up for?!
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    you better believe it!
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    That was awesome, good find man. I know I can always count on you to help me jerk off lol
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    :O I hope you can!
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05 Jan 1984 (36)
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Target, I lift Heavy Shit
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I would like to obtain Cosmic powers
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Sega CD
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Scooby Doo Mysteries (Genesis)
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Marvel Comics and the Zombie Survival Guide
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GhostBusters and Army of Darkness
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KillSwitch Engage, mc chris, IN FLAMES, mushroomhead, Blood Stain Child
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Trucky Smoke


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