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Thread: "Hardcore" gamer

  1. "Hardcore" gamer

    Would you consider yourself a hardcore gamer? What do you think are the traits of a hardcore gamer?

    Personally, I think the whole "hardcore" attitude is kind of elitist. But I want to hear your opinion on it...

  2. To me, hardcore just means dedicated. So, in that sense, I am.
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  3. Go to hell.

  4. #4

  5. doesnt like any poster who names himself Tyler_Durden..

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    your mom

  6. Usually, someone will enter a threat and remind everybody that this has already been discussed. Allow me to fill that role.

    Anyway, I'm definately not hardcore. I love games, yes, and I love to keep them in super-crazy, mint condition, but the games I'm all hardcore about aren't what people would consider under-ground and hardcore.

    I think a lot of people here just like games a lot.

    Hardcore is used in a more pejorative manner around these parts.

  7. I like Jeremy's response, it makes a lot of sense... but some of you guys seem to be pretty touchy about the subject. I'm not attacking people who consider themselves hardcore, I'm just wondering why you do consider yourself hardcore.

  8. The term got old about six years ago. Thats why.

  9. The word hardcore is thrown around so much it's just no longer hardcore to be hardcore.
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  10. The only use of the word 'hardcore' that I condone is when it's paired with the word 'pornography'.

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