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Thread: Onimusha 2 release date announced

  1. Onimusha 2 release date announced

    Capcom officially announces the release date to the sequel of Onimusha: Warlords

    Capcom has announced that on August 27th, Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny, the highly anticipated sequel to Onimusha: Warlords, for the PlayStation2, will be released in North America. Onimusha 2 is an epic story that blends magical realism with accurate historical accounts of 16th century Feudal Japan. It offers the most in-depth adventure in Capcom's samurai action series. Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny begins 10 years following the events in Onimusha: Warlords, after Nobunaga, an infamous Japanese warlord, has brutalized a village. Players take the role of the hero, a young warrior and master of the Yagyu Shinkage sword fighting style, who seeks revenge against Nobunaga and to uncover his destiny.

    "The opening cinematics are even more stunning than the original masterpiece," said Todd Thorson, director of marketing, Capcom Entertainment. "The game is so realistic you actually feel panic and fear as Nobunaga and his henchmen terrorize the village. Onimusha 2 will be a must-have video game for the Onimusha aficionado and all PlayStation 2 game players. This is the first time a video game has brought an actor back to life. The late Yusaku Matsuda was an extremely popular actor and his presence [as the lead character] adds a totally unique quality to Onimusha 2."

    Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny boasts the following features:
    • Explore new and diverse environments - Outside the castle walls players will travel around the Town of Imasho, a lively old gold rush town, the Sacred Place of the Oni Clan over run with demons, as well as foggy canyons, hidden forests, a gold mine, caves and more.
    • Players can simply execute a new set of sword moves called 'Ohgi' or 'esoteric fighting' to execute devastating combos using a simplistic control scheme.
    • Onimusha 2 will feature twice the amount of CG story line movies. Capcom has employed the talents of live-action movie actors to add facial and movement realism as well as an actual stage director to ensure overall realism and continuity.
    • Revolutionary character interaction - Players can gain access to the new fighting skills of not only the main character but up to four unique sub-characters.
    • Features world-renowned music from composer Taro Iwashiro.
    • Epic story blends magical realism with accurate historic accounts
    • The most epic adventure in Capcom's samurai action series.

    Source: Press Release

  2. Why is it taking them soo long to bring it over here??? The game is out now in Japan, but we have to wait for another 5 months here. Does it requires that much translation? Its not like it has a ton of readable text like rpg would do.

  3. ...

    Well, we'll have RE on the Cube in May and then Onimusha 2 in August and then, hopefully, DMC 2 late in 2002--that's not too bad for fans of the genre.

    Despair and others, I was wondering if you had the chance to play EOE on PS2--is it similar to DMC action style?
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  4. I had chance to play EOE, and its mediocre at best. Bland graphics, and enemy designs, too much of run around trying to find a key, while fighting few enemies gameplay, not vert responsive controls. You can try and rent it, but its definately not worth buying.

  5. I'm most excited about seeing the new FMV in the game. The FMV in the first one was spectacular.

    Didn't the intro for Onimusha win some sort of award?
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  6. ...

    If it didn't it should have. I'm not usually one to get into FMV sequences in games, because a lot of times the sequences are better than the games, but that wasn't the case with Onimusha--my only gripe with the first one was its length and it was too easy to max out weapons, though that could be because I enjoyed spending a lot of time leveling up.
    "50,000! You scored 50,000 points on Double Dragon?"

  7. I spent alot of time fighting monsters to level up my weapons too. What can I do, I like my weapons at max power

    I love FMV in Capcom games too. SOme of their work can rival talents of Square or Namco productions. Clips like in Onimusha, RECV and RE Remake, show excellent craftmanship.


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