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Thread: No card for you!

  1. No card for you!

    Why can't we get what the Japanese gamers get?!?

    The US version of Resident Evil for GameCube will not ship with a Memory Card 59 included in the package, as the Japanese version of the title recently did. No reasons have been given as to why it will not include a memory card, but it is probable that Capcom simply is working hard enough to meet the April 30 release date of the game in the US without worry of including a memory card.

    Resident Evil for GameCube, a remake of the original survival horror title which debuted for PlayStation in 1996, features hugely updated graphics, new puzzle layouts, new weapon functions, defensive moves, new enemies, and much more. The title's complex, but breathtaking blend of 2D rendered backdrops and polygon-applied shadows and lighting effects, and full-motion video, has received mass critical praise and generated a lot of hype amongst the gaming community.

    Resident Evil is still very much on schedule to ship in America in late April.

    Source: IGN

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    Is the card bigger than the standard card? Also, was the card neccessary for the game?
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  3. the card is like any normal memory card..a memory card is necessary for ANY rather start were you left off or start all over again everytime you boot it up?

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    I know that you would need a memory card for the game. I just didn't know if there was anything special about the memory card that was packaged with the game or not.
    Taking it one day at a time.

  5. nope nothing special...just a ordinary memory card

  6. The Japanese version came with Biohazard memory card stickers(!). You know, to put on memory cards.
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