I'm selling some anime DVDs through Amazon. The items are complete and in mint condition, except where noted. This is not an auction, I'm selling through Marketplace. You can charge a credit card using Amazon's shopping card system. Expidited (priority mail, I think) shipping is available. Here are the links to the listings.

Ceres: Celestial Legend volume 1: Destiny SOLD
Light scratch on case front.

Harlock Saga
A nick and some warping on the clear case cover.

Rurouni Kenshin TV
- Volume 1 - The Legendary Swordsman
- Volume 2 - Battle in the Moonlight SOLD
- Volume 3 - The Shadow Elite SOLD
- Volume 4 - False Prophet
- Volume 7 - Shadow of the Wolf
- Volume 8 - Ice Blue Eyes
- Volume 9 - Heart of the Sword SOLD