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  1. proStyle

    if I wrote it, would you read it?

    think. You could be up-to-date on the latest J-pop news in an entertaining forum, every week!

    am I kidding myself?

  2. I'd read it

  3. Thanks Takumi.

    BTW: Love your Hachi-Roku..and that's some kick ass driving.

  4. wow... i remember when procyin would own the anime/j-pop fourms at GG!... those were the days... i would also read it..

  5. I'd read it, so that's a few of us anyway.

    ...because without the bitter, baby, the sweet ain't as sweet.

  6. Go for it. What about offering it for inclusion into the future Max Anime site?

  7. is it just j-pop or will this thing cover movies and stuff too? not too interested in j-pop myself

  8. When I was doing it for MorninMayo Mag, I digressed to Filipino music for one column.

    But J-pop is what I know. And what I know is what I do best. Lately, however, anime has been making a return. So we'll see.


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