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Thread: US Newtype

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    US Newtype

    For anyone that hasn't heard of it, Newtype is a anime magazine that has been sold in the US that give news about anime currently airing in Japan. The bad thing though is that it's in Japanese. Well, the people that make Newtype have decided to release an English verison in the US. I forgot how much it costs, but each issue is supposed to come with a DVD. If the content is as good as the Japanese version it should be worth a look. So is anyone else going to be on the lookout for this?
    Taking it one day at a time.

  2. $10 an issue, and I am so there. First issue hits sometime this week.
    - Kabuki

  3. Oh sheeeet. A DVD included? Nice. I've seen the JPN version at

    Be sure to let me know the details when the fist issue releases.

    Edit: Well I'll be....

    Sounds nice. I love the whole ass-load-of-extras-bit.

  4. I got a preview version at Otakon.

    I'm sure I'd like it more if I liked Anime.

  5. yeah i got Newtype 0 also. nice mag but costs too much for a subscription even if it does have the nice stuff. gettin shounen jump though.

  6. i have a subscription. first issue should be out around tuesday. i can't wait.

  7. Think I'll grab an issue from the local Suncoast and give this rag a shot.

    ...because without the bitter, baby, the sweet ain't as sweet.

  8. Guess I'll be hitting Suncoast tomorrow. Since I'm in the backwoods of the country, they probably won't have it, but I must try. I'm interested to see if this is worth the $90 a year they want for a sub.
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  9. No point, on checking it today. I'm pretty sure most stores got a one day delay since Monday was a holiday. Better check the stores tomorrow

  10. newtype usa is holding a party to commemorate the first issue's release here in NYC on the 17th. invite only, not that i would expect any of us having the opportunity of attending. i can't wait anymore.

    Launch Party Press Release


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