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Thread: Lotsa rare asorted stuff for sale

  1. Lotsa rare asorted stuff for sale

    For Saturn Pal:
    Saturn Bomberman
    Resident Evil
    Panzer Dragoon Saga

    For Saturn Japan:
    Shining force3 complete (including SF 3.2 and premium disc, iff needed im willing to break this one up for just the SF3 games without the Premium disc)
    Fatal Fury3 road to the final victory
    Streetfighter Zero3 including 4meg ram cart
    Hyper Securities S
    Dragons of China

    For MegaCD/SegaCD Pal:
    Sonic CD (pal version has the Japanese soundtrack)
    BC Racers (never used, still factory sealed, spritescaling racing game with the Chuck Rock cast, VERRY rare)
    Chuck Rock
    Sewer Shark

    Megadrive Japan:
    Phantasy Star1 (only 1000 in existence)

    For NES Pal:
    Shadow Warriors

    For Virtual boy:
    New never used Mario Tennis

    For SMS Pal(no region coding whatsoever):
    Phantasy Star, fully English

    For Neo Geo CD:
    Rally Chase

    Feel free to email me at to make an offer or ask questions or whatever.
    Payments can be done trough either paypal or wiretransfer.

  2. How much for Street Fighter Zero 3?
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  3. I dunno, how about 50 including shiping?

  4. Ali failed to mention that the PAL Panzer does work in NTSC mode also you just need a ST Key. And it has much better packaging then the US version. I highly recommend it.
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  5. Yes true true

  6. The Dragonball PAL NES game, what condition is it in and is it complete?

    Also anyway you could get a pic of it

  7. might be interested in the Panzer Dragoon Saga....let me know how much you want for it or what you might want to trade for it...PM or E-mail me please......thanks.

  8. The dragonball sadly is cart only, ill try to get some pictures of the stuff thats up for sale later on.

    PDS 140$

    Oh and bbobb that Alien soldier in youre collection seems mighty familiar

  9. This list seems mighty familiar. :P

  10. Hehe, yo Geert edde mijn berichtje gekregen ivm Zero?


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