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Thread: JSRF babe- Boogie.

  1. JSRF babe- Boogie.

    Quick! Before you scroll down any further, look at this pic! Tell me what's wrong with it!! Look at it long~ and hard! This is very important !!! Please!

  2. Well, the way you've done the shading beneath the arm-pits makes her tits look a bit on the saggy, oddly bulbous side. Otherwise, looks lovely. Does her top come off too if I keep watching?

    Oh, and I'm assuming your next project will be a Rapid 99 portrait... no?

    Edit: And the spray can looks somewhat like a hand grenade. Could just be me on that one, though.

  3. Nice pic! As usual your coloring and line work are sweet! I just donít
    like the way her left pants legs looks, but other than that it is sweet! Stares closely... hey wtf happen to her pants, I swear they were on her a minute ago.
    I thought you were dead. "I am. I have come back from hell. The name is Shadow [Z]..."


  4. LOL :jest: !

    Thanks, guys. I actually just thought up of this silly trick. Here's the unanimated version:

    Mode7.... yes. Her top will come of if you keep staring at her. She'll then proceed to jump off your screen and give you a hearty lap dance . You're right 'bout the left leg, Hiten. The pants looks a bit too baggy for me now, also . And Andy, whatcha' doing up so early?!

    Well, I'm off to work again. Hope you guys don't mind my li'l joke ^_^.

  5. haha thats pretty good because at first I was like "hmm..well considerng Mr.Dandy posted this...the main thing wrong is she isnt naked." then the pants came off excellent joke you're a couple days late for april fools though.

  6. Nice pic, and that trick is an amusing touch. Only thing is, compared to what I am used to seeing from you, it looked pretty rushed both in the linework and colors. And I know the potential "The Dandy" is capable of!

  7. Heh, I glanced down through the replies, going "WTF are they referring to pants vanishing for?" Then I glance back at it and bam, legs! I dig this one too. I like how the face turned out more than Cube's actually. Very nice indeed, but it does look a wee bit rushed, like Bahn said. But, great work man, keep it up!

  8. Hehehe. Thanks again, guys .

    Actually, I drew this pic straight with a pen. No pencil sketchings whatsoever 'cuz I was just experimenting . Major mistakes I erased after scanning it. Hmmm... yeah, I think I prefer cleaner lines. How the heck does Capcom make those beatiful 'sketchy' SF3 artwork?!? Grrrr....

    Hey, can anyone tell me how to make a graphic link (ala thumbnails) within our threads? I want to try something out ! And do any of you fellows have a pic of Rythm? Hm, Bahn? I only have this one pic of her and it's terrible!


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