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Thread: Another Character

  1. Another Character

    Here’s a little sketch, let me know what ya think and enjoy!

    I thought you were dead. "I am. I have come back from hell. The name is Shadow [Z]..."


  2. She looks like that girl from the Resident Evil movie.

    Hey, Hitten, bring the other artists from SRK here

  3. There was a girl this beautiful in the movie?!?! Man, lookit the details on them shoes! What a fine piece of *ss!

  4. yeah...bring more artists here so we can eat them uhhh I mean so we can enjoy their artwork.

    dope picture hiten I like the shoulder angle and the tyhick outlines. The sneakers are prolly the best part of this drawing, nice details. the only part that looks a bit off is her thighs seem stubby.

  5. Wow Hiten, this is another wondeful piece of work! That's probably the sexiest face you've done! And the detail is great! I may need ot bust out my coloring skills on this one! (although, they aren't too hot ) Keep up the good work buddy!

  6. Nice work, Hiten. The face is the best part.
    The legs look a little (just a bit) short for the body and the balance is a little off. The crotch is also a little funny. There are a few more little problems, but they'd probably be cleared up upon inking.


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