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Thread: A Few Items For Sale

  1. A Few Items For Sale

    I'm clearing out a few things and I thought I would post them here before getting them out on eBay (and save me the hassle of another auction) BTW I will be reposting the magazines (Game Fan and Gamers Republic) I have left tomorrow, so if you were still interested, keep an eye out. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

    FIRE PRO WRESTLING D Dreamcast (Spine Card, CD & Instructions) $25

    ETERNAL ARCADIA Offical Soundtrack (Original Version..spine card missing) $45 or best offer

    BLUE STINGER Japanese Poster $5

    COSMIC SMASH (DVD Case, CD and instructions in Mint) MAKE OFFER!

    MONSTER CABLE GAMELINK 400 X (Xbox Component Cables) SOLD

  2. i will give you $25 shipped for cosmic smash. tronixweb has it new for $29. please let me know. i really want this game. anything you looking for that i might have for a trade?

  3. I would so buy FPD for $25 if I didn't have it already. It's a steal for that price.
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  4. Plik

    You got a private message about Cosmic Smash... Check it out... If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me

  5. I want the Fire Pro.

    Please PM me... I can't send PMs or email b/c my school computer is homogay.

  6. Josh

    You have a PM served up piping fresh!


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