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Thread: MASSIVE sale

  1. MASSIVE sale

    I'm offering a few things for sale-- need to make room, plus have a little $$$ handy as graduate school is sucking it dry. All of the games listed are, of course, original, and in great to perfect condition. I'll check this board as much as possible, but if you're interested, please send an e-mail (with an offer) to I like PayPal and money orders. If by PP, your game will ship the same day (unless it's a weekend). Enough rambling! Here's what I have to offer:


    Magic Knight Rayearth (brand new)
    Albert Odyssey
    Gun Griffon
    Blazing Heroes (Mystara)
    World Series Baseball '98
    Last Gladiators Digital Pinball
    Virtua Fighter Kids
    Fighters Megamix
    Marvel Super Heroes
    Sega Rally Championship


    Sexy Parodius (spine)
    Thunder Force V (no spine)
    Necronomicon (spine)

    PSX (all domestic):

    Silhouette Mirage
    Chrono Cross
    RayCrisis: Series Termination


    Super Magnetic Neo
    Chu Chu Rocket
    Test Drive V-Rally
    Maken X
    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
    Tech Romancer
    Sega Bass Fishing
    Heavy Metal: Geomatrix
    Time Stalkers (Brand New)
    Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2
    Metropolis Street Racer
    San Francisco Rush 2049
    Capcom vs SNK
    Alien Front Online (with mic)
    Ecco the Dolphin

    DREAMCAST IMPORT (all include spines and all docs save SB2, which does not have a spinecard):

    Sega GT: Homologation Special
    Shutokou Battle
    Fighting Vipers 2

    PlayStation 2 DOMESTIC:

    Silpheed: The Lost Planet
    Tekken Tag Tournament


    Super Nintendo System (w/ original box, original docs, and all plastic baggies; in fact, this box still has the proof of purchase affixed to it. In EXCELLENT condition; this is the first model system, and I will include an extra controller)

    Yoshi's Island (complete)

  2. E-mailed and PMed ya!
    omg TNL epics!

  3. Okay, Gunbird (Sat), Mega Man X4 (Sat), and Hagane (SNES) have all been accounted for. Come on people, make offers! Please!

  4. How much for sexy paradous?

  5. 88 mph, please e-mail or PM me with an offer.

  6. Hey, Michael_Richards, if you're still interested in BR, shoot me a e-mail or PM.

  7. Now Burning Rangers is accounted for. Michael_Richards, thanks for the understanding concerning the MAS Stick. I appreciate it.

  8. Are the Clockwork Knight games complete? What condition are they in?

  9. Hi, Melf. Both Clockwork Knight games are complete with original box, booklet, and the discs are in tip-top shape.

    Thanks for your interest.

  10. #10
    If you decide to break up at least part of the GameCube package, I'd be willing to pay $100 shipped for Super Monkey Ball, Super Monkey Ball 2, Eternal Darkness, and Rogue Leader.


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