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Thread: random artwork.

  1. random artwork.

    As a change of pace I thought I'd post some things Ive been drawing for school. Of course that means no big floppin' titties or girls in school girl uniforms

    each file is around 50k I hope thats not too big for the 56k peeps, but I assure you they're worth it most of these drawings required a couple scans to get them into photoshop so I wanted to keep them fairly large.

    enough talk heres the ish...


    greyhound dog named ellie

    large battery

    hand drawings

    flyer to a boston area hip hop show, come on down if your in the neighborhood.

  2. hey, these are good! I really like the greyhound in particular. did you use a reference when you drew it?.

  3. Wow, I really like that hand picture, its trippy

  4. The hand is my fave, kinda funky

  5. hey thanks yall...

    arjue-my prof. brought her dog into class and we did about three hours worth of studies weith the dog in all different positions. I have about 5-6 more drawings of that same dog that came out decent.

    As a matter of fact, all the drawings were done from live references. The tree face was a log that was part of a still life and the other two are self explainatory as far as what the references were.


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