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Thread: Feature: The Weekly Haul - Volume One

  1. Feature: The Weekly Haul - Volume One

    Presenting the first bi-weekly edition of what games occupy our minds and time...

    If you're among one of ouf the patrons which regularly visit the forums, then you're certainly familiar with the term 'haul'. For months, gamers ranging from the most casual player, the savvy gaming enthusiast share their insights and experiences of the respective titles of the classic and modern era. Ever since its debut, the 'haul' discussions have received numerous responses and unarguably are one of the most heavily discussed themes to date...

    And then we thought - why should they have all the fun?

    Thus, in the first of a continuous bi-weekly series, the TNL editorial team will convey the games that they've been playing, a few brief notes of what attracts them to the game, makes them dispassionate...and then some.

    Click <a href="">here</a> to read the full feature...

  2. Jiffy keen, Scantleberry!

  3. Awesome! FEATURES! YAY!!!

  4. The feature has been updated - now with 40% Hero action!


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