New cartoon based on a Nintendo character is coming to Saturday mornings on Fox Kids

There'll be a new playground on Saturday mornings this fall, as Discovery Networks takes over programming NBC's schedule and 4Kids Entertainment, best known for Pokemon, assumes control over Fox's lineup with a new four-hour block of cartoons.

Last October, 4Kids Entertainment announced it was extending its relationship with Nintendo of America. The deal provided 4Kids the rights to merchandising and television rights of Nintendo properties worldwide, excluding Japan. 4Kids has plans to bring 3 shows fo FOX Kids Saturday morning line-up and will focus on boys action shows, 2 of them being, Japanese action cartoon Kinnikuman, about superhero wrestlers, and Ultraman Tiga, about futuristic monsters. Another new show is based on a Nintendo video-game character. The third, and yet unnamed, will be based on a Nintendo character.

Source: Press Release