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Thread: Tons of things I need to sell! My loss is your gain!

  1. Tons of things I need to sell! My loss is your gain!

    Hey all! I am in need of some money at the moment for an Xbox, Stereo for my car and money to fix my car x-p. So, I am selling a majority of my collection! All games come in listed condition, if you are interested in anything and want pictures, email me or post here. Here's my email address:

    and I have feedback at username: Tojo and ebay at jberden. If you have any questions, just email me or post here, I check it everyday. Thanks for looking!

    Advance Wars(complete)-$22
    Mario Kart(complete)-$20

    Castlevania 2:Simons Quest-$5
    Deja Vu-$5

    Street Fighter 2 Turbo-$5
    Super Mario RPG w/ guide-$25
    Mega Man X-$13
    Model 2 system w/ 1 controller-$30

    Sega CD:
    Lunar:Silver star-$15
    Lunar:Eternal Blue(complete)-$45
    Sega CD ram cart-$25

    Albert Odyssey(complete)-$40
    Shining Force 3(complete)-$70
    Lunar:Silver Star Story(import, no spine, complete)-$20
    Lunar2:Eternal Blue(import, no spine, complete)-$30

    Nintendo 64:
    Killer Instinct Gold-$15
    Nintendo 64 system w/ 2 Nintendo controllers-$35

    All Star Slammin Dball(complete)-$6
    Castlevania Chronicles(complete)-$20

    Crazy Taxi(complete)-$6
    Jet Grind Radio(complete)-$7
    Legacy of Kain:Soul Reaver(complete)-$6
    NFL 2K1(complete)-$6
    Project Justice(complete)-pending
    Sonic Adventure(complete)-$6
    Tech Romancer(complete)-pending

  2. I assume that both Lunars for Sega CD are complete. Is that correct? What's their condition (disk, manual, insert).

    How much are you asking for them?

  3. The Lunar:TSS is disk only and has some scratches but works fine. The Lunar:EB is complete, mint. I'm hoping to get around $63.50 shipped for both.

  4. NES Top Loader - how much ??

    - Kabuki

  5. I'm also interested in the nes top loader...I've been looking for one for so long.
    It's a mirror image!

  6. I'm curious as to how much you would want for Tech Romancer and Project Justice.

  7. Well, I was looking to sell all my NES stuff together but I'd sell the top loader seperately for $70+s/h.

    Tech Romancer and Project Justice? $30 shipped would be fine.

    All prices are negotiable as well, I am open to any offers. Thanks for the replies!

  8. PMed ya Tojo
    omg TNL epics!

  9. What are your prices for the complete Zelda and Zelda 2?

    email me, with the prices.
    It's a mirror image!

  10. Sorry everyone, Zelda 2 is gone now. Legend of Zelda is still available though.


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