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Thread: $5 coupon for Shinobi in the new OPM...

  1. Well, Got OPM, and Shinobi Coupon They also have a big 5 or 6 pages coverage on the game. Havent read it yet, but pics look very nice

    Back to BloodRayne. I liked the storyline too, but I wished they didnt go overboard with German accents. Wait until you meet 2 Twin Brothers, and heat their voices !

    Developers had a good idea in mind, when they supplied Rayne with High Jump and Spinning Forward Fly, but they should have worked on the better controls, since later in the game, you have to alot of timed and precise jumping, and trust me, you will be cusring the makers. A lot !

    Also, there are some great areas in the game, especially Germany, with Crubmling Ancient Castle, and some fun enemy encounters there, but many fights just become more tedious, then fun, especially where you have to fight same looking enemies over and over, and trying to find a right way in the mazes of levels, without a solid map, is very frustraiting. Very Nice CGI cinemas. Just wait till you see the movie before Germany chapter starts. I wish there were more of those, instead of lame in game scenes.

  2. Hey, Despair, maybe you can help me out. I'm stuck at the first boss- the big spider thing that you fight with all the boats everywhere (before you get to Germany). What do I do to kill this friggin' thing?

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  3. That thing is easy, if you know what to do. Before going to the boat with candles, check out nearby island, there is a heavy machine gun, under the tree. Pick it up, since you will need it. Also make sure you have few sticks of dynomite and full BloodRage meter. Then, go to the boat with candles, so Boss shows up. Escape back to the fist big island, switch to the Special Guns Mode, and fire at her, targeting her legs. After few burst her leg will break, leaving her completely defensless and unable to attack. Trow your dynomite, and then either fire guns, or go in with BloodRage attack for fast kill. If her leg grows back before you can finish her, repeat the Machinegun attack.

    Have fun

  4. I simply tossed a few grenades, went into blood rage, and beat it to death at point blank range. Guns are weak!

    Once I understood what I was doing wrong with jumping (I was going too far at first), I found it easy and almost never had a problem leaping around. That upwards tunnel (with the powerful red creature at the bottom and three more of them up top) was quite a painful experience, though...

  5. I dont know man. If you just throw grenades and do BloodRage before immobolizing her, she WILL KICK your ass, since her legs do big damage to you, and Rayne doesnt control well enough to succesfully dodge those. Plus enemy hits will stop your jumps, if you attempt to jump away, and water around doesnt make things any easier. Still, if you know what to do, its a very easy boss.

    ANd trust me, you will need guns sometimes.

  6. I found the grenades knocked her on her ass, at least when I killed her during my second attempt. Or maybe I chopped her legs off, hard to remember.

    Also, I used the guns on long-range enemies exclusively and had almost no problems beating the game. The only times I was ever stopped in my tracks otherwise was by those red creatures (being vague for those who haven't played), because I kept forgetting to use up Bloodrage on them after whittling them with grenades and my weapon stockpile.

  7. Well, Higher Ranked Nazis, block your Blade attacks, so sometimes it was easier to use guns on them. I found most of the enemies very easy, except those Big Daemites, since guns almost dont work on them, but Blades do wonders. Regular Flying Daemites were more annoying then dangerous.

    I loved those Rocket pack soldiers, were fun, especially using Harpoon to snatch them out of the air, and feed on them. Mech piloting level was fun as well.

    Above mentioned jump and climb levels, mostly in later parts of Argentina level, were pretty badly staged. Combined with faulty controls and jumping, they were more of the pain, than fun. Some of the Boss fights, were little too cheap, and on later levels, food became scarce.

  8. Bocking Nazis: I just kept swinging while running in circles and hitting the feed button. If you do it right they'll block while facing away from the camera and when you come around and hit feed Rayne'll pop on their back.

    The mech level was sweet as hell. The beginning reminded me of the similar level from JKII.

    Umm... talk about a thread hijack.

  9. Originally posted by SearchManX
    Thanks for the impressions, I don't mind if Shinobi is hard, from what I've played of the past Shinobi's, I never thought they were easy to begin with. Perhaps they are saying the game is hard by today's mainstream standards, when it is not much harder than the original Genesis games?
    most of today's gamers and reviewers are a bunch of pussy's. If it's hard, then it must be up to the standards for people who had the balls to play through games like ninja gaiden or castlevania back in the 8-bit era.

    I don't have the sub to that issue, let alone have any interest. (don't care for the quality much, lame demo's also) So instead, Shinobi will still be $50 reguardless of my interests. I'm just hoping with the network, sony will get the idea of saving demo's to the HD, so I can just download them at leasure rather then to wait till hell freezes over for a good point in getting this kind of mag.
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  10. Well, Demo disk is screwed up, and we had much problems loading te Vault portion of it, that had demos and movies.

    Rygar movie was great though, and the game looks very cool ! Primal is also a game I'm excited about, come this February.

    Back to BloodRayne now

    Hit list idea was cool, with you hunting down officers, and Bosses and crossing out their names as you deal with them. I think boss fights(well, most of them), were what made the game more enjoyable, and broke the monotomy of the boring level design(except Germany).

    Like gun duel with Kommando, and his team of gunners. Or kung fu battle with Big breasted Crazy German Doctress

    Some levels had to many die and learn spots, on which you would die plenty of times before you find out what needs to be done. The Bridge level is a great example of it.


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