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Thread: "cigsthecat is"

  1. "cigsthecat is"

    Go to Google.

    Type "name is" in the search box, and click search. (replace name with your first name, make sure to include the quotes.)

    Then paste a bunch of them into notepad and later post them in this thread. If you like you can replace your real name with your TNL name, but you'll need to first search using a real name.

    Here's some of my best:

    cigsthecat is an adult agouti male who may be a little dominant.

    cigsthecat is a single piece of the stuff.

    cigsthecat is slightly smaller than the diameter of the vial.

    cigsthecat is pushed cleanly all the way through.

    cigsthecat is looking so much better today.

    cigsthecat is best known for his seven year hit television series.

    Every cigs is sacred, every cigs is great, if a cigs is wasted, God gets quite irate.

    This is your chance cigs, kick some ass.

    What i like about cigsthecat is he's excited, and fiery. He moved the ball with only coles, and swayne at receiver.

    cigsthecat is back.

    cigsthecat is a public, independent tuition-free high school.

    cigsthecat is also shrinking in size, and the hippos might one day lose their home.

    cigsthecat is the key to punched card technology, and that's the
    entire basis of the computer industry as we know it today.

    Given that cigsthecat is considered the "cradle of humanity" we would like to share this historic event with the whole world and hope to establish special relationships.

    cigsthecat may stand out in the world, but his mother sees it differently.

    cigsthecat is at the age when he wants to get involved in the world, but his behavior can be a problem.

    cigsthecat is a party to the AP Mine Ban Treaty, but not to Protocol II to the CCW Convention
    or Amended Protocol II.

    It's all about the cigs. Find out who this cigsthecat is that's
    preventing someone from winning the US election.

    cigsthecat rides a K2 5000 that's beefed and polished to suit his aggressive riding tendencies.

    cigsthecat is an avid rock-crawling enthusiast.

    Here cigsthecat is making sure that the rebound on his fork is set properly on the Slickrock Swamp trail.

    According to the main reference works, nobody has the slightest idea where the word cigsthecat came from, though there's a good chance that it pre-dates the computer.

    To the British man on the street he was always known as Mr. cigs. Mr. cigs, however, is not a relative of cigsthecat.

    In the former you spoke of cigsthecat as a pile of stuff, but had to say piece of cigs when you wanted to speak of one of the little bits.

    But now cigsthecat is a star in his own right, on the lips of almost everyone.

    cigsthecat is so friendly and cute, and so musically talented..have you seen how he gets into it?


    dougbranches is old. Look at the wrinkles.

    dougbranches IS Da Man!

    dougbranches is the Bomb!!!

    dougbranches...Is One Sweet Guy

    Grrrrr.....hey ladies, check out how sexy dougbranches is!!

    dougbranches is Our Angel

    dougbranches is in the Front passenger seat.

    C'mon, judge, dougbranches is with parents!

    dougbranches is Runt

    dougbranches is bootylicious

    dougbranches is pretty too

    dougbranches is cool and has cool t-shirts.

    dougbranches is the first Mr. Earth winner!

    dougbranches is a little wacky

    dougbranches is Mariah Carey

  3. - The ruhztee Is God Project.
    - Dr. ruhztee is Alive! [heh, in high school my nickname was Dr. (lastnamehere)]
    - ruhztee is alive? ruhztee is in Space?
    - ruhztee is the happiest he has ever been in his life.
    - ruhztee is judging my camera work.
    - ruhztee is so happy and insane!!!!
    - ruhztee is on-screen so long you get sick of seeing him.
    - ruhztee is Certified in Hypnosis.
    - ruhztee is Hard to Understand.
    - ruhztee is right.
    - ruhztee is currently in serious but stable condition. []
    - ruhztee is a sick bastard. []
    - ruhztee is not likely to attack downfield.
    - ruhztee is a new man.

    It's pretty easy to figure out my name from a couple of those.
    if ya see a sucker, cut him, don’t like perpetrators

  4. Ichabod is, since his mother was killed for supposvley being a witch, an aggressive non-believer

    ICHABOD: Is the Glory Gone?

    Ichabod is a Hebrew name, the translations of which I have seen are "Disrespect" and "No Glory."

    Ichabod is a wonderful singer and gives singing lessons

    Ichabod is in charge of
    the demons who oversee the activities of Christian students!

    "Ichabod is going to kill me!!!"

    Ichabod's is a rock club, damn it.

    Ichabod is
    edging up on that time when you just can't trust him anymore

    Ichabod is one of the hardest to find of the
    Folkstone Moose - he's a very shy guy indeed

    is admired by the young ladies

    And just for kicks, my real name:
    James Porter is indicted in Massachusetts for molesting 28 children
    God is Rome

  5. That last one is priceless.

  6. Green is Clean Waste Proram (not mispelt by me)
    Building Green is smarter!
    Soylent Green is Shatner!
    Liverpool punk scene: green is the way forward.
    Pink Floyd Green Is The Colour Heavy hung the canopy of blue Shade my eyes and I
    can see you White is the light that shines through the dress that you wore She ...
    pwned by Ivan

  7. this is kinda cool....ultra is....

    -Ultra is a powerful antioxidant blend of Ellagitannins
    (Ellagic Acid), Grape Seed Extract and Green Tea Extract. ...

    -ULTRA. is not a church or religion. It is not an organization. ... Love.But if ULTRA is not an organzation or church, what is it? ...

    -Ultra is an automated Batch Imaging Editor which allows you to resize,rename, rotate, slice, create thumbnails, create thumbnail galleries.... ...

    -ultra is suitable for X and SCSI.

    -The PhD Ultra is the best gas detector ever. Ease of use, flexibility,datalink capabilities, and advanced functions make PhD Ultra tops

    -Ultra is the only software suite for chemists

    -Ultra is not a growth fund--it's a death fund...

    -ultra is a powerful antioxidant ultra is an automated notebook suite

    -Ultra is E-MU's sampler created for the
    world of composition, performance and sound design.

    - ULTRA™ is a safe, all natural, legal alternative to a prescription
    drug HERBAL V - ULTRA is a male formula that not only corrects impotence, but ...

    - Ultra is readily biodegradable and guaranteed environmentally friendly. Enviroklean Ultra is a one-step process that saves time and energy. ...

    -Michelob Ultra is a smooth, refreshing lager with 96 calories, 4.1 percent alcohol by volume and 2.9 grams of carbohydrates per 12-oz

  8. type my name and you'll see more of me in relation to everything that's on the page. (TNL and neomega related)
    don't wanna tangle with you, I'd rather tangle with him.
    I think I'm gonna bash his head in...

  9. I replaced my real name with "sggg" after searching....

    ¬ sggg is ready to play!

    ¬ sggg is determined to display his real talent

    ¬ sggg is grateful to be surrounded by a wonderful support system, which includes Kimberly, whom he met at the BUY.COM TOUR's Ozarks Open

    ¬ sggg is dead

    ¬ sggg is a small mountain community in Southern California located at the intersection of California highways 78 and 79, about 50 miles northeast of San Diego

    ¬ sggg is sitting on the end of my bed, dying

    ¬ sggg is a man forged by hardship and dependant only on his own strength

    ¬ sggg is at least tipsy, if not drunk

    ¬ sggg is so full of shit it's coming out his eyes , his ears , man that's lot of shit!

    ¬ sggg is one of the best song-writers around today, plus we almost went to second base

    ¬ sggg is a 30-year-old bookkeeper who is regretful and disdainful of his life’s accomplishments to date

    ¬ sggg is currently in the studio in Nuremberg/Germany to produce some self-written pop songs for a new pop project

    ¬ sggg is a legendary brain in Anguilla


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