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Thread: The Official Bubblegum Crisis/Crash Thread.

  1. The Official Bubblegum Crisis/Crash Thread.

    I picked up vol.3 of the original Bubblegum Crisis DVDs. I wanted to see the original series (2033) before I start buying the new one (2040). This is one of my favorite series. It's just so damn unique, even today. Nothing has come close to matching it.

    I have vol. 1 of the new series, but stopped buying it so that I could get the original. I'll definitely be be buying the rest of 2040 though. The animation is slick and the series has the same atmosphere of the original.

    On another note, when did Crash come out on DVD? I've never seen it at Suncoast or Sam Goody. In fact, the only place I've seen it is on Animeigo's site. $22.75 for one DVD with all 3 episodes.

  2. BGCrash came out at least like 3 months ago, but like with most animeiego releases, you'll be hard pressed to find it on shelves a good amount of the time. but you definitely need to keep checking up on suncoast. they're the only place i've seen carry it and it's also the where i picked up my copy as soon as i saw it.

    for 3 episodes, it's not bad, but really not great. compare it to the original ovas and it lacks so much imo. but for what it's worth, it's worth checking out. being a huge fan of BGC i wasn't so into Crash and took me quite a few watches to really begin liking it. and since it was so short, the music really took a hit.

    now that you've got the rest of the originals, you should check out the rest of 2040. while some will say it's not even close to the originals and even worse than Crash, i can definitely give it a good recommendation. it has it's own feel and even has that "something" the ovas had... but it doesn't carry on to the ending. the ending... well... you need to see it for yourself. :/ one thing i really liked about 2040 was that every character had a lot of emotion, and it really shows in the latter half of the series.

  3. I remember seeing Crash on VHS a few years back. It wasn't as great as Crisis, but I'm a sucker for anything Knight Sabers. Also, the DVD with all 3 episodes only costs $23 on Animeigo's site, so I'll pick it up just to have the whole series.

  4. we're both a couple of suckers for the Knight Sabers then. i'd kill to see an actual follow up to the OVAs. Crash just wasn't doing it for me. the 3 episodes went from one to the next, which is nice and consistant, but as a whole i wanted more. one of the reasons why i picked it up was to have the whole collection too, it just didn't seem complete if i didn't know what happened during that part of the story.

  5. So Crash is on DVD now, eh? Cool. I only ever bought the first volume on VHS back in the day, and the only thing I remember actually liking about it was the intro.

  6. I picked up Crash on DVD today. I'll see it this weekend and post impressions. Sam Goody had it for $25. Nice.


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