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Thread: Official Cyber City OEDO 808

  1. Official Cyber City OEDO 808

    Well, Does anyone else here likes this OVA?

    Its a 3 part OVA, about 3 criminals, who spend their life in prison, but get an offer to work in the secret police unit. Each of the episodes tells the story of each of them. The animation is very good, the episode stories a good(especially, I liked 3rd Vampire story), it has some very nice action, and I like character desings as well.

    My favorite episode is 3rd, Vampire case. Its very stylish, and action at the end is cool.

    If you see it, give is a try, its pretty cool anime. All 3 episodes are on 1 dvd, and quality is not bad.

  2. I just saw this OVA on the Action channel the other day. I hadn't even really heard of it before, but I thought I'd give it a go and see how it was.

    Turns out that, yeah, it's pretty good. The animation and designs of everything are pretty unique, and the story isn't half bad either. I like how each episode tells one of their stories. Action scenes were also well done. I was also surprised how violent and dark this anime was. Surprised in a good way that is.
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  3. Cool. Good to see someone else other than me, who seen and liked it around here. It needs to get more recognition, I tells ya.

  4. Its pretty cool. I really dig some of the mecha design.

    It has some of the best swearing ever in it too .

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    It's been a while since I've seen the OVA's but they were OK.
    Taking it one day at a time.

  6. Good to see more people who actually seen this Anime

    Sure its older title, but it still good, and I prefer it to many much never titles that are out now

  7. Yeah, actually this series is about 10 years old now. I first got them at a convention in the early '90s, when I was still buying raw (Japanese language, no subtitles) copies.

    I think the team that did Midnight Eye Goku and Supernatural Beast City did Cyber City Oedo 808. Great action, cool designs and weird, dark themes. Good stuff, indeed.


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