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Thread: Shikigami...on PS2?

  1. Shikigami...on PS2?

    Shway cool

    The thought to be XBox exclusive shooter, Shikigami No Shiro, will in fact see a PS2 rev on June 28th. Now where the GameCube lovin, guys?

  2. Re: Shikigami...on PS2?

    I would prefer a domestic release, but a GC version would work, too. At least it has a viable import solution.

  3. How about any US version?

    I think a domestic Xbox release could easily sell higher than it did in Japan. I'd only have to buy 3 copies to do that.
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  4. Hmmmmmmmmmm...

    Has there been ANY news about mod chips and whatnot? I can't believe we'll never be able to play imports on our XBOX and PS2.


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