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Thread: The new Dell Commercials....

  1. The new Dell Commercials....

    I HATE the new Dell commercials. You know, the one with those annoying, young brown nosing Dell "employees" and the dumb wimpy guy who teases the blond girl making the "chit chat" sign at her with his hands, or the other one where they're sending off a new system and the same wimpy guy says "Hey little fella, I hope you get a nice new home." I'd like to take a baseball bat to his face. These brown nosing losers are everything I aspire NOT to be. At least Steve the Dell dude was funny in a really dumb cheesy kinda way, these new ads are WORSE than the previous as if that was possible.

  2. Nope, not possible. Maybe in 5 years you'll have a point.
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  3. It's a little bit better than:

  4. That is the least funny photoshopped picture ever.

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  5. Yes I actually do have a point in the fact that these new ads are terrible. Whether or not as anoying as Steve is a matter of...whatever.

    And the more profanity a joke has often means the less funny it'll be.

  6. That guy that makes fun of the chick at the end of the commercials IS fucking annoying, I bet he practiced that shit in the mirror for hours before shooting and he STILL fucked it up

  7. I donít mind commercials, not even how annoying somebody is acting, but one thing I cant stand is when a commercial volume is set to high so even if you have the TV volume on low the commercial plays loud! So I have to dig for the remote under the couch to lower the volum, now thatís what annoys me about commercials.
    Good night.

  8. The chick in the commercials is hot. Though, I thought the Steve commercials were good, hope he makes a comeback.

  9. I don't think they're too bad, the Dell stoner shmuck they had before this was infinitely more annoying

    And the blonde is kinda cute, the nose really does it for me for some reason
    omg TNL epics!

  10. She's kind of sassy, too, I can appreciate that.


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