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    Well I've been learning how to color with the help of Gouki girl, and I've started on Bahn's Gum..please, offer some constructive criticism if you are kind enough to do so. And remember, I'm a beginner, I don't work magic so this picture wont be that good.

    It's a mirror image!

  2. Looks like a good start bro.

    I look foward to seeing the completed inks.

  3. mmm...sherbert ^_^

    you might want to clean up the colors on her legs. Otherwise, great start
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    it is a good start!

    I don't know what program you use, and unless it's photoshop I won't know how, but you need to get rid of the white spaces around the lines. In photoshop you can do this by copying the lineart to a new layer and setting it to multiply or deleting all of the white from the layer and then painting on a layer under it. Additionally, using a lasso instead of the magic wand to make a selection to fill can provide better accuracy with this.

  5. Heh, different colors. Must be her P2 colors!
    Overall a nice start. Don't bring yourself down so hard. Yours already look better than my colorings! Other than those white lines it looks ver nice! I await the final!

    Dunlap - Holy cute av man.

  6. pretty good for a starter.
    make sure you AIM me back, so i can teach you to get better K'?
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  7. not a bad start.

    but you are blocking the panty shot.

  8. when ya gonna AIM me back buddy?
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