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Thread: Coolest DVD Player EVER (and Spirited Away Comes to DVD)!

  1. Coolest DVD Player EVER (and Spirited Away Comes to DVD)!

    Studio Ghibli and Buena Vista (Japan) have officially announced that Hayao Miyazaki's award winning film Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi will premier on special edition DVD in Japan this summer. The double disc DVD special edition will feature an anamorphic widescreen image, theatrical trailers and other bonus features, Japanese, French and Chinese audio tracks and Japanese, French, Chinese, English optional subtitles. The DVD set will be released in three different editions.

    The standard edition will include the two discs and retail for 4700 yen. Japanese pre-orders are scheduled to also come with a bonus premium model of the "onigiri" rice ball eaten in the film by the boy Haku.

    A limited edition boxed set will include the two DVD discs, 3 theatrical posters, a diorama, a model of Haku's "onigiri" rice ball and a press booklet about the film's screening at the Berlin International Film Festival. The boxed set will be limited to 10,000 copies and retail for 15,000 yen.

    A limited release "Ghibli DVD Player Bundle Edition" will include the movie and a cute wood grain Studio Ghibli embossed DVD player complete with acorn shaped remote and retail for 19,800 yen. (Coolest. DVD player. Ever.)

    The DVD release will be encoded for DVD Region 2 compatibility only and the DVD player will be a Japanese DVD Region 2 system. The DVD will not play on standard, unmodified American DVD players, and the Ghibli DVD player, although compatible with American televisions and stereo equipment, will only play Japanese DVDs.

    AnimeNation will tentatively be able to accept special order requests for any of these three releases once an official release date is confirmed and is a bit closer in time.

  2. The sad part is...this will be retailing for a lot of money on ebay sometime in the near future
    "The only way microsoft would make something that doesn't suck is if they made vacuums"

  3. Some sick fool's probably goin to mistake that remote for a giant nipple...

  4. wow. now that you mention does look like a nipple if you look at it the right way. and my mind is pretty damn sick. guess yours is sicker than mines :P


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