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  1. Video game Tee Shirts

    Howdie, ive been doing a inventory of some of my things and was checking through my tee shirt collection. I have a Donkey Kong Country Tee shirt, a Donkey Kong Country 2 Tee shirt, a Street Fighter 2 long sleeve Tee shirt, a Legend of Zelda Tee shirt, a Castlevania Symphony of the Night Tee shirt, a Illusion of Gaia Tee shirt, and two Zelda Ocarina of Time Tee shirts. Most are in mint condition and are Xtra large. I can send a pic if desired, just send me a PM here and i will get back with you. Buyer pays shipping.

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    Stibbons Guest
    I call that SOTN shirt.

  3. Damn, I want the SotN shirt too.

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    What size is the Street Fighter long sleeve, and what is its base color?

  5. coolness

    Ok, the Castlevania SOTN shirt has been sold to Stibbons. Thanks Stibbons and keep the other offers in mind. Ok guys, get it while its still around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :jest:

  6. ummmmmmm

    You aint listening, cuz its still around.......................

  7. can you tell me more about the legend of zelda shirt? (not the ocarina of time one)

  8. Even better, give me your email here or send me a PM with it, and i will send you a couple pics, ok.

  9. buying used game shirts........and I thought I was sad, lol


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