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Thread: TradeDepot Guidelines

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    The TradeDepot is an epicenter for members within the community to trade and purchase goods. In order to ensure the highest quality and efficiency, we've provided a few guidelines which all participants are expected to adhere to. Overall, they're straightforward and relatively easy to follow...

    1. Member integrity and professionalism - When selling an item, please be honest with the goods you're promoting for sale. Granted, most are very eager to make a profit anyway they can, but it will discourage others from ever dealing with you again. Chances are you, you'll be reported within the TradeDepot Report Center, thus killing off any potential business opportunities you may have had for the immediate future. Be precise and stray away from excessive hype to bring more attention to your products.

    2. Distribution of illegal wares is strictly prohibited - This includes all pirates goods which isn't manufactured by the respective companies. "*Bootlegs, CDR's, MP3's, NGF,Virtual Goods such as MMO accounts, Cloudsongs"* to name a few will be immediately deleted w/o notice by an administrator or global moderator in the event that your thread is considered to be a violation of these terms. Recurring violations will result in an immediate and permanent termination of your account.

    3. Exercise moderation - If you have lots of appealing goods to offer, great. We welcome all that you have to offer, but try to consolidate your posts by grouping related items. Users should not have to read through a dozen threads that easily could've been grouped into one (i.e. sale offerings for software on multiple platforms). Try to express the same consideration that you'd like others to show for you. It's simply a common which we know everyone can demonstrate!

    4. Problems - If your thread is deleted the appointed moderators to TradeDepot or a moderator. Generally, the designated mods are likely to be the only ones who may remove selectively remove posts within a thread, or the thread entirely.

    Do not begin acting irrationally and blasting members simply because you're disappointed. Try to remain civil and we'll endeavor to identify the problem or express reasons as to the removal of the thread. Cooperation and solid communication lines from all involved parties will help future affairs to run smoothly and quickly.

    We hope you have a productive and continued relationship here within TradeDepot.

    -Based upon BonusKun's previous guidelines
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