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Thread: "And I don't even own a TV..."

  1. "And I don't even own a TV..."

    First off, lemme say I'm not anti TV. I don't own one because I'm still saving up for a good one. As soon as I can afford one, I'm buying one, but as of right now I use my XRGB2 to play games and watch DVDs.

    So here goes:

    Do you own a TV? (If you have access to one in your house, they answer is yes)

    PS: Here comes a landslide...

  2. i have two tv's! their only uses are for video games, the daily show, seinfeld reruns, movies, and wrestling.

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    Just a guess but I'm sure 99 percent of people here have some sort of TV. With the 1 percent being Master who doesn't have one.

    Yes I have one, and I could not live without it, gotta keep up with local and world news and weather. If not then I hope you read the paper.

  4. I have a TV that I really shouldn't play games on. Its a rear projection 48" piece of shit. Its only use is DVDs, digital cable and Animal Crossing.

    I play all my games on my 15" sony RGB monitor, or my 27" NEC RGB monitor.
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  5. The tv in my room is an old Samsung GXTV...
    I could really use a new one sometime soon.
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  6. I had a nice 35' TV that recently went on the fritz... Now I'm down to two TVs.
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  7. A high quality 30" Sylvania. It's brand new at least, and it gets the job done.

  8. Well, I do own a nice big TV, but I don't have cable. Now let me explain that down here (Sarasota County, Florida) if you don't get cable, you don't get TV. Sometimes I can get one channel real fuzzy. So basically, I use my TV for videogames and watching DVDs, but never for watching TV programming.

    I usually have Sunday dinner at my parents house, at which point I maybe watch an hour or two of TV, but that's the only TV programming that I watch all week.
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  9. my parents have a couple tvs - but i myself have a Sanyo 19 inch - its hooked up to a VHS and a Playstation (so sue me, I never got around to buying a better console system - some day...) but its only on for background noise.
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  10. I own a 35 inch Mitsubishi piece of shit.
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