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Thread: 007: Nightfire Ships

  1. 007: Nightfire Ships

    As of today, James Bond 007: Nightfire has officially shipped for the PS2, GameCube, Xbox, and PC. The title features an original storyline written exclusively for Nightfire, but the classic 007 feel is most definitely present.

    The player controls the legendary James Bond (who now takes on the image of Pierce Brosnan) in several environments such as the Austrian Alps, the South Pacific, and even outer space. It's up to the world's most popular spy to stop the evil Rafael Drake before he acheives the typical bad guy's goal of world domination.

    Nightfire includes a multitude of missions, highly detailed levels, and (of course) plenty of hot ladies. Several platform-specific features are also included; for example, the PS2, Xbox, and GCN versions contain special driving levels developed by the companies responsible for the Need For Speed series. The PC version of Nightfire doesn't get the extra racing levels, but it does have exclusive single-player levels and online multiplayer capabilities.

    Nightfire is now available on the PS2, GCN, Xbox, and PC. For more information on this title, check out the official site at

  2. Ren...aren't you in this game?

  3. Oh, I'm not <i>really</i> female. Those pictures weren't really me. I'm actually a 300 pound, middle-aged man named Winky. :O

    Or, as Reno used to say, I'm a 12-year old male gymnast.

  4. You need to stop talking to Reno, his inflections are having an influence on you.


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